Ugonna Ojo Madueke

Days after Ufoma, a Nigerian model and actress raised public attention to what she called public assault by aides of Hon. Kuforiji, the Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly- the step son of the current minister of Petrolueum is already in the middle of a controversy also bothering on assault and injury.

Ugonna, step son of Nigeria’s current minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Alison- Maduekwe. Ugonna’s father is former Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Alison Maduekwe.The young man  is still in the books of men of the Bar Beach police station, Victoria Island.They want him to explain reasons behind his unpalatable actions last weekend.

The heavily built University of Maryland (USA) graduate was said to have brutalize a young lady at the opening of opening of Volar by Vutton in VI on Saturday 13 November 2010.

The misunderstanding between Ugonna and the said lady started when she tried entering the section of the club where He (Ugonna) and his friends were rollicking with expensive choice drinks and hot chics.

gistmaster.com gathered that the young man who is one of the biggest spenders in Lagos hangouts was ‘high in the spirit’ after taking  a lot of drinks and spent amount close to a million Niara with  his friends (Who are mostly silverspoon kids  from the UK and USA)

Sources told gistmaster.com that it was a brutal experience for the lady over a small issue.

“If you see this dude. He is fat and stocky, using his power to cause bodily harm on a female. After failed attempts to rectify the problems with the club operators (because the guy was spending so much money all they could say was “sorry ma” and “can we offer you a drink”),disclosed our source

The young lady contacted the Lagos commissioner of police and three police vehicles full off officers came to the club. Ugonna was shouting obscene words and yelling ” bring the f..king DPO to me”..”Ill call my chief security officers”..and continued to rant “Do you know who I am”. After 15 minutes of him tussling with the about 10 officers he was whisked away by a friend then later came back to retrieve his vehicle.
The young lady suffered bruised chins(ankles) a swollen lip and bruised knee causing a limp. She had to later seek medical attention.

  • sona

    This story is a lie. First of all his surname is madueke not maduekwe. Please confirm your facts

  • alo

    What a coward!

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine?? This guy is always drunk sha!!!! its a shame. and his father is a military man sef. Even his friends are drunks. They drink themselves to a stupor every week. Why won’t the club owners protect them, they spend nigerias’ money anyhow drinking and drinking.

  • http://ScapeGoat@gmail.com ScapeGoat

    Bloody hell, Some Reporting. This whole thing is Made up. Whats the Girls name?

  • SweetSerenity

    Look at this no neck, fat bastard living on his father’s former glory! This girl no get family or what? Because if na me, after my clan have descended on him, he would be lepa! Idiot! The nerve of him to put his hand on a woman, University of Maryland graduate my Naija nyansh! This is what they teach you in University, abi? How to beat woman? How to drink and act recklessly in public and embarass your family name? You haven’t bummed into the right one, motherfadda na him be the reason you fit do dat kain ting!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Who is the illiterate that wrote this??? This website is obviously NOT credible. The girl must be damn jobless going around spreading stupid rumours. Please get your facts straight “gistmongers” and stop trying to destroy the reputation of right standing members of the society.

  • coralspoon

    For the journalist to draw conclusions from only one side of the story gives the audience a very distorted view of the facts of the case. I will not presume to know the circumstances that warranted an assault charge but to blame it on his privileged upbringing is a clear sign of prejudiced opinions. The point of having wealth is to be able to enjoy a good life and that is not a crime and so it is no one’s place to judge. I am in no way condoning violence to women but what I am objecting to is people attacking the privileged just because they are privileged. The guilty party in all this is the system; the fact that the police and the legal system are not developed enough to handle situations such as this. Not everyone in government is a thief, granted there are a lot who are, but to generalise based on those who blatantly live off the nation’s wealth is to belittle the efforts and the reputation of those who are not guilty of this. To conclude, I wish merely to illuminate the appalling gullibility and fickleness of those commenter’s who are clearly offended not because of the supposed crime (I find it hard to believe the facts as reported, there is too much evidence of excessive exaggeration on the part of the journalist) but because of a privileged upbringing. The question I pose to you is this – ‘is success is wrong? And if it is why do we educate and push ourselves to achieve it? And once we do achieve it, what better joy than to have our children enjoy it?’ So long as no one is harmed how this success is enjoyed, it is for no one to judge.

    • bizzau


    • Eve

      More CHURCH

    • Imano

      I second your reply Coralspoon- this is exactly the problem with Nigerians- too quick to criticize the children of the rich on the internet and accuse them of spending the country’s wealth yet the same Nigerians do nothing about their complaints! I was not there when this incident occured but we must remember that there are two sides to a story and just because the young man in question is the son or step-son of a minister does not mean that he is guilty; neither am I in anyway suggesting that the young lady was lying; again, I do not know the facts but if the case is already in the hands of the police, then let justice take its course. But there are some people posting comments claiming that they know the young man from way back and are calling him a brute and are therefore not surprised at his action- all I can say is that Lord V, just because he tried to kill you in the past does not make him guilty of beating up a lady

      • seekergolden

        You people should be ashamed of yourself. I can say it categorically that the money he spent that night and every time is Nigerians’ money. Tell me how his parents got their money? If is father is truly a retired military man, how much are government official paid in Nigeria? People embezzle money that is supposed to be used for the betterment of all Nigerians and a shameless person like you sing their praises? Don’t worry the day nemesis will catchup with all evil and corrupt nonentities in Nigeria is coming.

    • Anonymous

      well,u supporters should be ashamed of urselves like seekergolden said;
      I mean u hear a top government official’s son spends close to a million naira @club in just one day on drinks and the likes and U dare say it doesnt mean his parents are thieves….
      Lemme make sum’n clear to yhu guys,,,,NOBODY,and i mean NOBODY that earns their money thru hardwork and sincerity without cutting corners in anyway watsoeva,,,no matter how much it is they earn would spend such an outrageous amount of money on a stupidass and non-profiting activity such as drinking to stupor with friends in just one night,,speakless of giving dat money to their kids to spend  on some senseless-driven whim. Coz they’ve laboured hard for the money and therefore know it’s true worth! those people that make sincere money invest for the their children’s future,not waste their money…. So ofcourse the parents of this kid that beat up a girl after drinkin hmself into a state of stupor,,are THIEVES!!!!! and so dat u dnt see my point of view from that of one of the unfortunate,suffering,victimized masses of poor governing,,,am a child of one of the top Naval-officers in Nigeria,if u know wat a REAR ADMIRAL IS… and my siblings and I are neither spoilt nor insensitive cz we were brought up quite well.

  • emeka

    he should be ashamed of himself beating up a woman because his from a royal family .i wish he did this in uk on us by now he should be in prison. disgrace bastard , he just disgrace his family name . rich son my fucking foot

  • Oooh!

    The son of a brute is a brute. He should be battered. She made a mistake. Why not hire thugs to do the job by beating the hell out of him?

  • Kool

    What an ugly fat bastard!

  • One Love

    FIRST THIS GUY IS THE SON OF ADMIRAL ALLISON MADUEKE AND STEP SON TO CURRENT MINISTER OF PETROLEUM MRS DIEZANI ALLISON MADUEKE……..AND I was there and this guy DID that so fuck what coral spoon talking about!- y not ask the police and of course his drunk friends would be biased.

    the young lady was not beaten silly..he karate kicked her to the ground after he grabbed her neck and after she fell he kicked her..she had bruised chins (ankles) and some blood came from her lip due to the fall the guy is an asshole and have seen him around before..the little boy is not more than 24 years old and YES your parents and parents w MONEY have to do w an idiot like this it is said they spent over 800,000 THOUSAND NAIRA that night on LIQUOR…..

    he sure is NOT the son of the man selling recharge card for go slow!!

    • bizzau

      u just said u where there – so what happened before he started karate – kicking her? mr eyewitness

  • Football star

    First of all, they Should get their ministers name right!! She is married to Alison MADUEKE. I guess the reporter was too busy to get that right!!!
    As for the rest of the people insulting Ugonna, you are all FOS!! she probably started this ish and as we know, naija girls can talk too much! Im not saying its ok to beat girls o but there are worse things going on!! Move on people!!! Leave Ugonna alone u hypocrites!!!! Hating is contagious!!!!!!

    • Lord V

      this football star guy, are you daft? so if a babe starts something, you should beat her up. Ive known ugonna for years and unfortunately,… im not surprised. the guy nearly killed me in school, i was saved by my school father. Football star. disclose your name. make i catch u for streets

      • seekergolden

        y did he not do such a thing in d us? his ass cud have rot in jail

      • Football star

        obviously ur weak ass is still upset cos he beat u up in school! Not only are you daft, u are weak and should be ashamed of yourself!! Besides you can’t touch me!! I be proper military pikin too and based on your history, you won’t be winning that fight either!!!Hahaha joker!! Ive known him for YEARSSSS 2!!

  • Lord V

    this football star guy, are you daft? so if a babe starts something, you should beat her up. Ive known ugonna for years and unfortunately,… im not surprised. the guy nearly killed me in school, i was saved by my school father. Football star. disclose your name. make i catch u for streets

    • Football star

      LOL!! You must be young!! Keep looking for me to fight!

  • ekeh

    all u haters!! isityourmoney/life!! go get urs 1st!

  • Dr. Okon Muriel

    If these report is true, the guy deserves arrest and sending to 6 months behind the bar and fine of 2 Million Naire for damages to the young lady.
    This people who feel the are something in the society should always be careful how the deal with issues when it concerns a low income earner.

    • Dr. Okon Muriel

      Yes dr. Okon, you are right he deserves arrest and jail.. taht boy is a fool ..

  • haters

    coralspoon is probably the only sensible person in this thread…the fact is you are just bloody jealous that he can spend that much money in one night and not feel a thing, y’all should go and make a few bucks before you open your mouths to chat shit. All you people shouting I was there…so was I and Ugonna did not do shit so all you haters should bloody fuck off!!!!

  • One Love

    this guy is fat fool……………

    a fu….g pig

  • http://bestcomputerusage.blogspot.com ZEE

    The guy needs help. If he thinks that money answers all things, then he needs to re-think. Assuming the lady in question is his younger, elder sister, or mothere and someone else inflicts such a shameful and cowardly harm to her. What would be his reaction? Ofcourse people like that will not and will never take it lightly. However, lets trade with caution, what was the young man’s comment over the issue? Did he really do it? If he really did it, then sorry, the young is nothing but, a disappointment, and he needs help.

  • coolkid

    All I have to say is, sooo much has been said bout this guy beating a girl up silly, from this dudes size, any girl he lays his hands on as so mentioned will end up in the emergency room critical intensive unit. Where is this sooo called victim and why isn’t there a picture of her showing her “maaaaaaaaany’ bruises. This is just a cheap shot to tarnish the image of this individual. Please lets stop accepting everything the damn media says without asking question i mean I believe we are all educated individuals.

    Why would he leave his table with all those many drinks and ‘hot chicks’ as has been reported to go an beat a girl,? he didn’t have enough girls already? where the hell is the sense in that?

    How many people can escape a police checkpoint in a vehicle, where you have max 3/4 armed men, so please tell me how did 3 cars full of armed police men allow this one boy out of their grip? na jazz. come on we know lagos police and they re no joke especially once given an opportunity to flaunt their power.

    And his car was still at the club ….. even lastma will tow your car in a heart beat if you’ve done something wrong but the police are now toothless bull dogs now ehn?

    Plus if the police were really looking for him, is he too far to be found, i still see this dude out in town even at the volar, so people, think before you talk this is lagos and people would do anything for a quick buck or two…Is there really a case or has this girl been fabricating her own stories?

    Well these are my own thoughts,so pe but dude be careful cuz clearly lagos has got a lot of HAAtTTTEEERS !!!!!

    • yemi

      you should take a private investigator job w the wack ass police………AND you should also ask his dumb ass…………. you talking as if this was america–were the police are coherent and competent unfortunately this police here are as cowards as he is…..he is a fat fool and KARMA is a bitch which doesnt recognize which son of a bitch you are!!!.

  • Biola

    Well, u’ve all said it all. While some ingratiating sycophants seem to love d brute, others who dont are callously tagged ‘Haters’. One thing wey i know be say, money doesnt make one mad. With all sense of modesty, i know better. Come to think of it, Naeto-C na 4-time Nigerian first-class minister’s son. He’s a Masters holder of Manchester uni i think, he’s rich, cute and popular. But he’s not MAD like that inflated brainless dummy (provided d whole story is true). God bless the ‘Haters’.

  • odior

    Crap…poor pple do worst things……lets get the information right before dissing

  • yemi

    this guy is fucking ass hole his heafty ass used to work @ tribeca trying o fit in…he is afucking coward……..someone i know read this story and said he did the same to a girl in abuja who refused to date him…he is disgusting look at his big ass amala head….a son of a BITCH!!!!

  • KK

    Can you imagine, we cause all that is happening to us, this guy must be ashamed of himself. Yes, we are causing all, could this idiot try such in USA where he came back from? of course the answer is no! because he is in Nigeria where political robbers and their sons do whatever they likes. The guy deserve to go to jail, ashole, fat pig.

  • KK

    Only God knows why it’s not any of my relatives.

  • uzor

    well, they are spending our money anyhow.is time to probe all those ex military men ,ministers and others.our money in thier fat bank accounts has no cost price,is all gain 4 them. spain