Goldie getting married to Prezzo in February-TheNETNG

Goldie getting married to Prezzo in February-TheNETNG


Prezzo and Goldie have been almost everywhere together.They have been able to attract so much attention since they started their romance inside the Big Brother Africa star game show some months back. A friend calls it artificial love or artificial romance. Well, we have seen so many artificial romance turning into reality.

    Both parted ways as the show was about to end in South Africa.When Prezzo came to Nigeria after the show,he said Goldie was the love of his life and he regretted his actions durning the BBA. At a time, i was very upset with
my naija sister, Goldie.I was one of those who thought she did not carry the naija swagg well enough but i later realised that all the tales by moonlight and crying was part of the show.
Just some few minutes ago, i was on thenetng website. It was good news anyway. Prezzo, the Kenyan born rapper says he is relocating to Nigeria because this  is indeed the entertainment capital of Africa. He wants to work with good producers. He was silent about one thing, whether or not the main purpose is also to get closer to our dearest Susan Harvey popularly known as Goldie.

    The last line of the story written by Alonge Osagie reads that “More interestingly, sources who claim they are close to the pair have disclosed that they could be tying the knot next February”
  If it is true, that Prezzo and Goldie would have their wedding next February then i should start gathering money for my Aso Ebi.

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