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Stella Oduah no brain,no beauty, no conscience! By Toyosi Akerele

By Toyosi Akerele

Madam Stella Oduah, in your gutter style thinking, a BMW is an assurance that you won’t die soon. You should have a conversation with Abacha. Madam, Nemesis is COLD.
It comes in the forms of Poison, Cancer etc & to pay your Bills, those BMWs will be auctioned at give away Prices. I don’t wish death for anyone but I’m hopeful that one day a handful of Nigerian Govt Officials will sleep and not wake up.

This is too much. HEAR THIS! Dear President Jonathan! If the Nigerian Masses rise against you, Stella Oduah and your other Corrupt Friends cannot save you. And President Jonathan is so silent. His Silence so sad. The sadness engulfs our Souls.

Our Souls drowning in Grief. Our President is Silent. Let it be in History that our President Jonathan chose A FEW POLI-THIEVIANS above the Millions of Nigerian Masses who voted him into Power. We should have no expectation of a Woman with Nothing – No Beauty, No Brain, No Conscience! Stella Oduah is a Treacherous Megalomaniac! That’s it.

-Toyosi Akerele is founder,Rise Networks

2 Responses to Stella Oduah no brain,no beauty, no conscience! By Toyosi Akerele

  1. Ahmed Anifowoshe Reply

    October 21, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Every human will die at some point, so waiting, praying and hoping that these rogues die isn’t any form of punishment. Punishment is when they start getting mobbed, stripped naked, flogged and made to dance in the market square for their deeds. Barring that, we will settle for them being prosecuted and if found guilty, sentenced to the maximum jail time allowed and all deceitfully acquired moneys, goods, shares, stocks and properties confiscated!!

  2. Fed Up Reply

    October 23, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Was Stella Oduah bred by DONKEYS! She has just signed an agreement to let Israel fly into Nigeria as and when they choose!

    Such an UGLY creature in and OUT. Was she a man before!!

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