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Obasanjo Quits PDP,Writes Bamaga Tukur Over Buruji Kashamu

By Niyi Tabiti
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has left the peoples democratic party,saharareporters said in a report that was posted online.Obasanjo said in letter that he wrote to the chairman of the party, Alhaji Bamaga Tukur that he took the decision because he cant stand a wanted criminal, Buruji Kashamu as a zonal leader.

In his previous open letter which was addressed to President Goodluck Jonathan, Obasanjo complained bitterly that Buruji Kashamu, a known finacier of PDP financier in the south west is a man connected to several international crimes yet he dines and wines with the presidency.The letter generated controversies among Nigerians within and outside the country.
1497512_10151801421477703_261297308_nIn the letter Obasanjo wrote to Bamaga Tukur he said he has considered withdrawing his activity in PDP at local, state and national levels because Kashamu is not credible to be south west leader based on the controversial extradition request by the US government over drug trafficking related matters.
Meanwhile,Kashamu a billionaire said he was friends with the former president and he was introduced to presidency in the first place by Mr Obasanjo.obasanjo-oluseg2

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