AMVCA 2014:Is Genevieve Not Proud of Her Dress?

AMVCA 2014:Is Genevieve Not Proud of Her Dress?

Story & Photos by Niyi Tabiti

It was a free flow of African celebrities on the red carpet of African Movie Viewers choice award (AMVCA) 2014.Most of them thrilled us with their dress sense.Genevieve was one of them. The star actress who is known as one of nollywood’s most valuable actors,was one of the most anticipated that night but was surprised
that she was not allowed to take pictures on the red carpet when she came.

Somehow, we thought that she was not proud of the dress she was wearing and some of the organisers were just hustling her.Even when she later emerged from the convention hall of eko hotel and suites,(venue of the ceremony) back to the red carpet area, the same people were just dragging her and she was also blocking her face.

After much plea, Genevieve eventually hit the red carpet reluctantly but she offered to apologize in Yoruba when some photographers later accused her humorously of not allowing them do their job.She simply said “E ma Binu” (Meaning- Don’t be annoyed).

The sexy mother single mother,hails from Imo state Nigeria and she is still one of the most thriving brand in the industry to date.

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  1. Kanyi Okeke   March 9, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    not proud oh her custom made dress?


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