Buhari:New Set of Billionaires to emerge in Nigeria

Buhari:New Set of Billionaires to emerge in Nigeria


President Jonathan Goodluck has less than a month to rule Nigeria. Mohammadu Buhari will formally take over after the May 29 inauguration in Abuja.I don’t know if Forbes see this coming to past,but i can humbly predict that the country will definitely produce a new set of billionaires.

 The new government will bring on board, new friends, especially those who have contributed so much to the survival of the APC as a political party.That is a standard rule in Africa. This is not about, it ought not to be so, it is about what will be. So who are those that will emerge? Well, the Nigeria tax system will change for sure. Watch.
Story: Niyi Tabiti
Photo: Saharareporters

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