Ben Bruce Owe workers 4 months salaries-Staff

Ben Bruce Owe workers 4 months salaries-Staff

Weeks after mocking Governor Engr Rauf Aregbesola of Osun state for owing workers salaries,Ben Bruce has also come under the hammer by his own staff at Silverbird TV and Rhythm FM for owing four months salaries.

Ben Bruce announced some weeks ago that he would donate his wardrobe allowance as a senator to the workers in Osun state to help the government pay them.It was a political statement,considered as a mockery of the Aregbesola led government.
Now a popular DJ from Bbruce company has come out to say he is owing them, so he should begin the charity at home.
 “Abeg help us tell Nigerians to help us beg our oga,
 senator Ben Bruce, to pay us our salary. We dey die here
  already oo. It is so frustrating that each day at work we
 are made to play the jingle of our oga that says, “Hi my
name is senator Bruce, I JUST WANT TO MAKE COMMON
SENSE”. He should please tell us (his staff) the common
sense in pledging to donate his wardrobe allowance to
the unpaid workers in Osun state and widows in his
community at Akasa, Bayelsa state, while we, his
immediate workers are starving due to unpaid salaries.
He has been very vocal about many issues of public
interest, both on TV and on Social Media, but does it
mean that he is unaware that his staff in Jos, Plateau
State, Awka and Benin stations have not been paid for
the past four months? He should pay us our money
before criticizing the government of any state. Most of us
here are family men, how does he want us to survive and
feed our families without our salaries?”

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