Lagos International Polo Tournament kicks Off

Lagos International Polo Tournament kicks Off

By Niyi Tabiti

Lagos international Polo tournaments for this year is about to kick off.Polo is a game many refer to as the sport of the rich and famous.According to information available to Gistmaster   the various matches  will start on Wednesday February 10 at the Polo ground,Ikoyi,Lagos.
 I visited the polo field in preparation of the 2016 Polo Tournaments on Monday February 9 and I was very impressed at the re-turfing of the field.Management of Lagos polo club had to work on the place and suspend tournaments for 2 years.
 Ade Laoye, said he is honoured that he is the president of the club at this time of transition and development.He also commended the various committees for their achievements since they started work in July 2015.
By the way, we saw the tournaments manager, Bode Makanjuola supervising the workers on the field.
I know many people will be there to see brave men doing their thing on field. By the way, i must not forget to inform you that GTBANK and MTN are the main sponsors.They are proudly supported by Union  Bank and others.
Spraying unlimited top polo players and socialites Naira rain on King Sunny AdeMost people consider it as the sport of rich and famous.I believe them, some horses cost as much as 6 million,7 million Naira. I confirmed some of the prices at the Polo Club on Monday.
Aside the money aspect, i see Polo as the game of brave men and women.Its not easy riding those horses and playing games on them.You must be brave. Those horses don’t know if your father is Dangote or Otedola,they respect nobody. If you don’t handle them well, they can throw the player off balance and even march the person.

But if you play well,part of the benefits is that those high class girls who come there to watch or do something else, will cheer you up!
Hoping that one day, i will show off my bravery.I am stronger than you think!lol

Niyi Tabiti is the editor of Gistmaster, he has covered several important events, personalities and brands.

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