Linda Ikeji is engaged story

Linda Ikeji is engaged story

“Is Linda Ikeji engaged?”, someone called to confirm from Gistmaster early this morning. A friend in the UK also sent messages via whatsapp chat about the engagement news.  I decided to carry out checks. The story turned out to be fall.I guess its someone trying to get traffic.

 A close source to the top blogger told Niyi Tabiti this morning that “It is all lies and you should know this.When Linda bought her cars, Banana Island home and
every other remarkable things, she announced it herself through her Linda ikeji’s Blog.The pictures from the Banana Island was put up on instagram by her sister Laura. So if it is true, trust me, Linda would be the first to announce it”
  The source said this is not the first time some ‘creative writers’ put up stories about Linda’s supposed wedding or engagement on the internet.
Story and photo by Niyi Tabiti

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