Lulu Extends Scholarship Award To Female Footballers, Splash N10.8m On 15 Player

Former president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi has extended his yearly academic scholarship to male footballers to combine their football career with academic pursuit at FOSLA Academy Karshi, Abuja to include female footballers following an award of a whopping N10.8million to new set of 10-boys and five girl students selected from FCT and Kogi State.

The scholarship award worth N725, 000.00 per student for a session, will see the players continuing their education at the Academy while playing their football.

Lulu who was a former Director of Sports in FCT said the essence of expand the scholarship award to include female footballers is to ensure gender sensitive and also create opportunity for female to contribute to the development of their fatherland Nigeria.

“Where we are now, we must be gender sensitive and you are all aware that we started create platform for female participation from last year by sponsor four girls in addition to the usual 10-boys we took every year from 2011 till date.

“This year we’ll take 10-boy and five girl students. The essence is to make ensure that if the boys are doing their best to promote the name of fatherland, the girls can also do the same and we creating that platform for them to excel,” he said.

Lulu explained further that FOSLA Academy which was established 2011 as only the school in Nigeria combines football-training program with Educational Curricula has over 110 students, which 80 percent are on scholarship.

According to the set of students from the Academy are already seating for the 2017 senior secondary school certificate examinations and the school would continue with their training to the University level.

“Our objective is to train these boys up to the University level while they remain in Nigeria to serve their fatherland.”

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