Miss Moremi Ajasoro Pageant: All Yoruba Girls Across The World Can Contest

Miss Moremi Ajasoro Pageant: All Yoruba Girls Across The World Can Contest

The 2nd edition of what is gradually becoming the most important and most significant Cultural pageant in Nigeria, the Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageant is gaining momentum more and more by the day and from all indications, this year’s event is going to be extraordinary by all standards.

The organisers from all that is available for all to see, are leaving no stone unturned to deliver an event that would impress all, while at the same time showcasing what’s beautiful, what’s great and what’s exemplary about the Yoruba culture and tradition.

One of the most important and most significant criteria for participation according to the organisers is that, “the QMA pageant” is opened to all Yoruba maidens across the world! No matter where you are currently, whether in Nigeria or in the diaspora, you are “free” to participate as long as your origin is Yoruba.

There’s no restrictions as per whether you are from Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Lagos etc, as long as you are Yoruba and can trace your origin, your eligibility status is most assured, every other criteria like being between 18 and 25, being able to communicate in the language and also a world recognise international language like English or French etc are a given.

Whoever is going to epitomize one of the most important cultural icon and heroine of the Yoruba culture, must also have the expected cerebral capacity and the beauty. The queen is going to be attached to the highly revered and most important Yoruba monarch in the world, in the person of the great Ooni of Ife. Meaning that she would work with the imperial majesty’s palace as a “Cultural Ambassador”. What this entails is awesome and better experienced.

The Queen is going to enjoy some of the best pamperings ever, that a queen should experience, imagine that the winner is going to be set up for life with ₦5million grant for a business, this is apart from also winning a brand spanking “new car” as a prize amongst other gifts and pecks of office. Just imagine traveling around the world also, all expenses paid!

As we speak, registration is going on in earnest and unlike all other pageants, the registration is completely FREE!!!

Thanks to his Imperial Majesty, the Ooni, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, who in his magnanimity has borne all the registration costs, so all eligible maidens of Yoruba origin can participate free of charge without any burden whatsoever on themselves.

So for more information and enquiries about participation please check www.qmainternational.com  and also all the social media handles for more about the QMA 2017.

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