Ekiti APC gov aspirant, Kayode Ojo, promises industrialisation if elected

By Innocent Anaba
LAGOS—An All Progressives Congress, APC, governorship aspirant in Ekiti State, Mr Kayode Ojo, has promised to make the industrialization of the state his priority,  if he wins the party’s primary election and emerges governor of the state.

Kayode Ojo

Ojo, who spoke to newsmen in Lagos, noted: “The good people of Ekiti State are yearning for somebody that is fresh, someone without political baggage, somebody who comes in from the private sector with experience in developing people and an entrepreneur that knows how to turn one naira to one naira fifty kobo.

“If you look at Ekiti today, everybody has seen that what PDP came to do in Ekiti is more or less what we call ‘419’.

“They had no vision, their major promise was ‘stomach infrastructure’. But if you look at the people’s stomachs now, they are still as flat as they were in 2014.

“So, majority of the people now understand that their lives cannot get better with just stomach infrastructure. They understand that their lives will only get better when there is opportunity for them to work, to earn money and use the money to support their families.

“If you look at APC states, you’ll see appreciable progress. I’m not saying everything is perfect, but you’ll see development of the people and the state. Everyone can see that APC governments grow the people.

“I have the track record, I have succeeded in the private sector, so, working for the people won’t be an issue.

“Yes, we’ve seen people come in from the private sector and disappoint in government, but what is missing in them is compassion. I have always said that if we do not have someone with compassion, who is his brother’s keeper, we won’t get governance right.

“My life is not about me. It’s about others. That’s how it has always been and that’s why I’m in this race. I’ve looked in the eyes of ordinary people on the streets of Ekiti, and I feel for them; I know that their lives can be better.

“All we need is a person that knows how to utilise resources, how to make sure that the funds that come in are not just consumed. We can’t continue to consume and consume, we must produce our way out of poverty.”


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