Why you must have Youtube Go app on your phone!

Youtube goBy Gistmaster: The first time I saw information on  Youtube Go through google search, I downloaded the mobile app almost immediately. I started watching video on Youtube with very low data and it was fast. This is because you can watch video depending on your desired video resolution.

Here are some of the key features of the Youtube go application. You can also learn how to download video on Youtube .You can also watch video online without data once you download the application. The app allow you download video and allow you watch it without data over a period of time.

YouTube Go was developed for countries like India where data is expensive and slow. But then, who doesn’t want to enjoy the features below?

It’s main features are:
Download and Share videos with friends for free,
Preview videos before watching
Download videos in desired resolution
Watch and Rewatch videos
Supports older Android version, up to Android 4.2
Very light (9.0MB) compare to main YouTube (15.80MB)

Entrepreneurs will benefit so much from this. You can save that very informative video tutorial, and share with friends.

You will never have to waste data rewatching videos, your favourite talk, TedX videos stay on your phone waiting for you.

Search “YouTube Go” On your app store to download.

It’s the official YouTube Video Downloader by Google.

How to download Youtube Go is easy. On your phone, go to the Google Play Store. Follow the process and in seconds, you can start watching as many videos as possible without getting worried about the best data plan between MTN,Airtel,Glo,Spectranet,NTel and others.

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