Nollycoin Cryptocurrency will change Nollywood Forever-Ope Banwo

  By Niyi Tabiti: Popular media personality, lawyer and businessman, Ope Banwo recently addressed the media on how Nollycoin Cryptocurrency will change Nollywood forever. At a meeting, which took place in Opebi, he emphasized that Cryptocurrency as a means of exchange has come to stay.Emem Isong,Fathia Balogun,Charles Novia,Fred Amata,Tade Ogidan are on it advisory board.

Banwo said he is ready to demystify what others would not tell the world about cryptocurrency. “Most companies involved will not hold a lecture on it”, he stated.

Nollycoin is a reward for those involved in crowdfunding that will change the Nollywood through is online platform. People will and also get rewarded with the coin. The value of the coin will rise based on various factors. For instance, it a movie is going to the cinema through the platform, all you need is to tender it. People can even buy from others.

Banwo, a lawyer based in America said Nollycoin will help Nollywood achieve so much in the area of revenue generation and investment in good movies. He promised to ensure that movie producers,scriptwriters,cinematographers and others involved in movie production get paid instantly from movies uploaded on the platform when people pay to stream it.

Unlike before when people receive a one off payment, Nollycoin will make sure even the scriptwriter continue to earn money on his work as long as people watch the movie on the platform.

In other news,Nollycoin, the official Cryptocurrency of Nollytainment Inc , has made another major breakthrough even before it goes into Crowdsale.

Following meetings and negotiations with the Top executives of Ozone Cinemas and Genesis Cinemas this week, both popular cinema chains have expressed interest in allowing exclusive Nollycoin backed movies in their Cinema Theaters once Nollycoin gets to the crypto exchanges sometime in June.


Both Ozone Cinemas and Genesis Cinemas have over 20 cinema houses between them in Nigeria alone as well as more collaborating theaters in other parts of Africa


This big news was one of the many deals resulting from the current roadshow by the Nollycoin Team led by the Founder/Ceo of Nollytainment, Dr Ope Banwo, who is currently in Africa to gather industry wide support for the new World Of Nolly, A new blockchain enables Movie entertainment Ecosystem powered by Nollycoin.


This new entertaiment system will include NollyTV Platform (Distribution of movies through blockchain smart-contracts); Nolly Cinemas (Cinema screening of movies using cryptocurrency) ; Nolly Mall (a shopping mall for entertainment related items); Nolly Academy (Training Center for Entertainers); Nolly Foundation ( crowdfunding for movie and content producers)


Just a couple of days ago, the Nollycoin team also did a live AMA [Ask-Me-Anything] with over 100 reporters and crypto enthusiasts in Lagos, the very epicenter of African movies and Nollywood.


The promoters of Nollytainment Inc are currently raising funds for this revolutionary development in Nollywood and beyond with the issuance of Nollycoin Cryptocurrency. See


The Nollycoin ICO is currently in its Presale stage (1st of March — 31st March). The Crowdsale is from 1st of April to 30th April.

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