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Only God knows why Nike Oshinowo did not show up with her husband at the VIP stand of the Lagos polo club on Saturday 9 February 2008.Could it be that she was evading celebrity reporters or could it be that she is truly pregnant as speculated in the media?
Nike drove the car that brought her and her husband into the polo club. However; it was only her husband Dr.Tunde Soleye and Ene Lawani (The young lady that won the last Miss Nigeria beauty peagent) that stepped out. We waited for so long but Nike did not stepped out. Nike did not show up in the VIP lounge.Ene sat beside the highly connected medical doctor throughout. Why is ‘aunty’ Nike evading the VIP Lounge?
Ex-Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Nike Oshinowo, could easily pass as Nigeria’s most photographed celebrity woman. She is also one of the most glamorous. Everything she does caught attention and paparazzi would do anything just to get her photograph while men worship at her feet, even if it means giving a jeep in exchange for a handshake (Some men are so lustful to the point that they would give out a brand new car just to lick a lady’s feet)
Perhaps, she was a bit confused with the array of suitors that kept ‘worshipping’ at her feet to the point that she married when she was already 41.She had the normal traditional do with Dr.Tunde Soleye on 1 January 2007.Now,the man’s legal wife has sued for divorce. The woman is not happy that all attention has been diverted to Nike.
Pix 1-Dr.Tunde Soleye
pix 2-Ene Lawani


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