Story & Photo by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

I remember when I took a decision to start Nigeria’s first daily celebrity & photo news online.I have not gotten there yet but when i look back now, I am grateful to my creator that I followed my dream.Later in life, I wish to write a book ‘How a workshop got me into trouble’.

Let me tell you a little from it.I had been nursing the ambition to resign my job and start off the online stuff.I was already addicted to reading stories of celebrities online.It was so regular that when you want to know the latest report on an American or British star you can click on the news button on google.It was so simple.I just told myself that someone has to do it in Nigeria.Sometimes,when I wanted to do research on Nigerian stars,what you get are old pictures and stories.I told myself that must change.Rarely do we get stories or details on hangouts in Nigeria.In fact,most of them don’t even have a website.I told myself that must change.

So,when Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim,the Group Managing Director of Global Fleet Oil and Gas (Help me,I think the company is now called Energy or something) was having his 40th birthday,Olumide Iyanda, an entertainment journalist of repute who happens to be my boss in Daily Independent kept warning me of the consequence of missing any of the activities lined up for Jimoh’s event.

There was a workshop organised by some corporate gurus in honour of Jimoh at Le Meridien Hotel,Victoria Garden City.I sat and listened with rapt attention as Madam Ceceilia Ibru,Managing Director of Oceanic Bank inspired everyone present on how people can realise their full potential. I have attended countless number of workshops and events where you have high profile personalities but everything that was said on that occasion touched me, deeply.

I know this write up would definately inspire one or two people.Alot of people have ideas but they are always afraid to start off.The excuse is finance.Shortly after I started the blog,a friend followed me to a cyber cafe where I used to make postings.Mosquitoes bite made life unbearable for him.Apart from overcrowding,my friend was shocked when he realised that most of them were into internet fraud.My friend later told me that no matter the situation,I must continue.He said reuters or BBC started in someone’s head!
He also told me that when God told Abram to leave his father’s house to a land he would show him,he did not ask baba GOD how much he would make.
Let us thank God because the story of Gistmaster is gradually changing.If you notice, I have not been all out to get advert on the blog.Its good to get it right first. Whenever I get photo or publicity jobs, I invest most of what I gain into Gistmaster.You may not know but it is expensive getting materials and posting it.This is Nigeria…apart from what you pay to get connected,you need a generator if you are browsing from the comfort of your home or office.Talk about the expensive transport fare and all that.
Lets thank God because the story is is shaping up.The gistmaster got an office recently.Soon,we would be scouting for correspondents in all parts of the world.Nigerians reside everywhere.We are also making contacts for a ‘tush’ website designer for, if you can help, I would be very glad.
Who told you that a world class celebrity agency can not spring up from Nigeria? however, we want to try as much as possible not to get ‘dirty’ materials on the blog.
I want to thank all that have calling and writing in private to me.I must thank my life coach in the United Kingdom.’Thinking B’, you are wonderful and I love you soooooo much!
Omosewa,bellanaija,lindaikeji,Sholapacheco,Maria Shoyinka and guys, iyaeto…please pardon me if I don’t mention you here… I am running out of time.One day,we would be on the wall street stock exchange.People would buy shares to be part of us.Abeg,lets dream on.I love you all.
Hey!Don Moen would be at House on the Rock on Sunday 16 March 2008 at Muson Centre in Lagos.It would be a lovely time in the presence of the lord or what do you think?


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