By Niyi Tabiti

The city of Johannesburg, South Africa is set to host one of the biggest fashion shows in the continent of Africa this month. The event, which is being together by African Fashion International is in collaboration with ARISE, a top magazine produced by Leaders and Company, the publishers of THIS DAY Newspapers in Nigeria.The event is scheduled to hold between 12-19 June 2009.
Top designers from all over Africa such as Egypt, Kenya, Ghana Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique are expected to be part of the event. From Nigeria, we have top designers such as Folake Akindele-Coker moving the proudly African fashion theme with her label Tiffany Amber, Lanre Da-Silva of LDA fashion, Odio Oseni of Odio Mimoment and Lisa Folawiyo with her Jewel by Lisa accessory.Ade Bakare and Samatha Cole are two Nigeria designers who will fly to the Sun City with their creative designs.

According to a statement from the website of the organisers, Mr.Nduka Obaigbena, publisher of Arise Magazine disclosed that the Arise Africa Fashion Week 2009 would provide an enabling platform for African designers to showcase their creativity to the rest of the world. congrats Thisday and African Fashion International.Stay glued as we promise to bring you the best of African fashion from ARISE AFRICAN FASHION WEEK.Don’t miss it!


  1. Anonymous   June 9, 2009 at 8:33 am

    i am amodel from nigeria and the this day shows and i have come to a conclusion that the corporate world and banks in nigeria are our gretest enemies. We the youths are watching them. i spoke to some of my model friends in south africa and i nwas told that Nigerian models were dropped for jamaican models mr nduka after humiliating us in lagos abuja and everywhere he goes takes our money and humiliate us once more i will never do his shows again he owes models in nigeria and pay big models in europe and america big money to come to nigeria and refuse to do shows.God is watching all of u while we wait for a messaih to help us i come from a poor home and will not mention my name cos of people like the man that takes fro nigeria to give to the rest of the world the banks thatgives him to defraud us they know themselves the corporate bodies that gives him so much in abuja naomi campbell did not do shows but got paid in new york it was all for int models thesame models were promoted by their countries before they became popular. it is only oluchi no designer uses in america anymore for catwalk and she is the one he is using she never contributed to the modeling careers of any nigerian girl and now that she is no longer needed she comes to nigereria to do shows and collect money where she did not sew we are waiting for her to start anything in this country. i was at the mo show abudu were oluchi lied and lied i felt like standing up and walking away. There is no nigerian girl remaining in o models look at at their website and you will see that all you see are new york models .oluchi it is too late to promote any nigerian model right now cos you know that there are too many people in nigeria doing that now i live in the poor area of nigeria where she came out from but i lood up to her and lost faith in her. hope she reads this and hope u publish this somehow i have lost hope in press men and women cos you will only publish what suits you.she must be lonely at the top and sad as she is gruadually coming down. even the so called west africa next top model iwas at this casting and i told myself this was tipical nnaija 419 not much girls no oluchi something is funny we know better we are waiting. yes iwas not choosen i told myself to forget about this modeling thing at least thank god for next super model contest dont know what would have happened to young nigerian girls like me i was not choosen there too but it was a fare judgement.

  2. Nduka Pay Us Please - Nike   June 10, 2009 at 8:15 am

    I have to agree with u my sister. Nduka Obaigbena has no respect 4 his fellow Nigerians. He treats everyone with disrepect and never pays on time. He is a bully, deceitful and abusive to women. He will just keep posting when its time to pay. But if its the Americans or whites he will pay triple amount in advance to them. He is doing these things to promote himself as a celebrity, he only wants to see his name in International papers. As long as people from abroad are calling his name he will pay them anything. He has no interest in Nigerians, he is a bad, nasty, dirty man. I am still looking for my small money from 2006 when he paid Beyonce $1million dollars. He cannot pay because we are not good enough abi!


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