Xclamations By tomi rotimi.Ayotomi Rotimi, CEO of Xclamations, possesses a divine gift for amazing design interpretations. Those deductions fill your mind as you enter the beautiful Victoria Island showroom on Adeola Hopewell street in Victoria Island, Lagos. What catches your fancy are her dazzling interpretation of colors and her unique finesse with the linen fabric. Her detailing is another aspect which scores her high in the fashion world. Xclamations is a leading designer and manufacturer of stylish occasion and casual wears. Indeed, it is difficult to miss an Xclamations design. The array of colors, elegant cuts and unrivalled finish only entrenches their position as one of Nigeria’s fastest rising fashion Brands. Although she possesses an uncanny knowledge of the linen fabric which has grown to become her signature style, her dexterity in a variety of other fabrics is unquestionable. The collections are available in sizes 8 to 22 for ladies and Medium to extra large for men. Xclamations would indeed blow the minds of the fashion audience at the Beauty and the Feast. 
Xclamations’ Boss : Ayotomi Rotimi
The Designs.
Exciting coloured jackets which can be paired with skirts, tailored pants and jeans.The Multi-panel dress for that timeless touch of class.COUVREZ ORGANIC SKINCAREEvery woman’s dream is to achieve that flawless, glowing radiant skin. Couvrez organic skincare bridges the gap between the desire and the accomplishment of these dreams.Perhaps the most apt description for the Brand is: Nigeria’s First Body Shop!
Couvrez Organic Skincare is a natural organic skincare company that specializes in producing natural & organic skincare products for the Nigerian woman on the go.The name Couvrez which is coined from the French word Decouvrez which means discover is reflective of their vision to take the normal woman on a journey of beauty rediscovery. The Brand’s goal is dedicated to inspiring a healthy lifestyle through the creation of innovative Natural & Organic skin and body care products.
Couvrez’s natural skin care product lines are oriented towards plant and mineral ingredients from our gorgeous green earth; these ingredients are often referred to as botanical-based. These natural and organic skin care products focus on stimulating cell growth and rejuvenating the skin, by thoroughly cleansing, gently toning and moisturizing. Deep cleansing of the skin is important, but should be done using natural ingredients the skin quickly recognizes to ensure absorption & avoidance of stripping the skin of its natural oils.In line with their philosophy to provide 100% organic skincare products to their Clients, Couvrez would be administering free skin consults at the event with a view to teaching ladies how to achieve the flawless, beautiful skins they deserve. Remember, You can meet these eclectic ladies at the BEAUTY AND THE FEAST at the Coral Reef hall [10, IKOYA AVENUE, OFF MACPHERSON, IKOYI] on the 11th of October by 1:00pm.

BEAUTY AND THE FEAST – It’s a fairy tale experience.

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