By Niyi Tabiti
 The event business is certainly no joke in Nigeria. Most event managers get busy all through because of the large volume of work they have to do.Having an event company goes beyond having a complimentary card or an office somewhere in the highbrow area of key cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.
 There are several event management companies but only few does it right. That is the reason why they have a large portfolio of work to handle.gistmaster.com would be publishing a list of these event companies, some of their work profile and contact addresses soon.
 Today, lets talk about the issues to consider when getting ushers for your event.
RIGHT ATTITUDEOne must consider ushers that have the right attitude. They must have comport themselves well and also be people who are pleasant with others. No matter what, the usher you get or an occasion must not argue with guests.Some guests ask irritating  questions, that not withstanding the usher must not show that they are wiser.Instead, refer them to the right persons.
Gistmaster.com investigation shows that most event managers don’t plan well ahead, that is why at the last minute, they would go and look for their neighbors or sisters to be ushers at their event, no matter their look and attitude.

DRESS RIGHT:An usher does not need to look like a sex worker to prove their beauty. Some ushers dress like strip dancers just waiting to remove the last piece of cloth . For what? The ushers become object of distraction to the guests. It is not cool.Some event managers make this common mistake even at functions with top personalities in business and politics.
 The appearance matters. Ushers must be neat and decent. No chewing gum please!
 The Usher is a public relation officer of your event. Their look tells a lot about your motive.

HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM?:To what extent do you know the event company that is providing you with the ushers.Gistmaster.com investigation shows a lot of young ladies use ushering as a cover to perpetuate their illicit sex trade with top guests at functions. They lose concentration and instead of giving direction, these set of ushers go after collecting complimentary cards and warm the bed of guests after the function.We have also heard of cases of ushers disappearing before the end of an event with a top guest.
 Most ladies are also careful with the kind of ushers that attend their husbands function,hence one girl ended up snatching their man.
NO PHONE PLEASE:The best ushers are usually the ones not allowed to use phone.Phone is a great distraction. Just imagine an usher with a  blackberry and unbridled passion for social networking sites like Facebook, Twiitter,Myspace etc? That person can ruin your company from getting another business!


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