Ayodeji Ajidagba

A one day super sale featuring acclaimed luxury T shirt Designer Ayodeji Ajidagba, showcasing his latest and greatest designs.

Expect massive markdowns and discounts on all apparel including new lines from the 2011 collection. This sale and show is a prelude to establishing a permanent presence in Nigeria and will feature both Men’s and Women’s collections in a range of sizes and colors.

Expect to be wowed and amazed at his range of 3Dimensional T shirts with plenty of gems, studs, crystals, aluminum and cabochons embedded and embellished on the T shirts.

Also featuring a range of preppy POLO shirts and T shirts direct from the manufacturers:




DATE: Sunday December 12, 2010

VENUE: TAE: 15B Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA, Lagos

TIME: 12 Noon –7PM

ABOUT THEDESIGNER – Ayodeji Ajidagba

Ayo started out by hand embellishing T shirts with oversized crystals, semi precious jewels and gems and then wearing them to underground parties and raves while living in Toronto Canada. Quickly, he had a loyal following and people started asking for customized and personalized T-shirts. Soon, demand became so great that what began as a small business five years ago has blossomed into a full fledged T shirt line with agency and sales representation in Canada, USA and the UK.

A different kind of designer – passionate about design, style and originality. What makes Ayo different? OK, for starters, his clothing designs are handmade and he uses unusual and stunning materials like crystals, rubberized embellishments, leatherette, aluminium and treated wood on T-shirts, Polo shirts and Vests. He hand embellishes, attaches and sew these remarkable and visually arresting 3D adornments to create wearable pieces of art.

Secondly, he  limits each design to just a few pieces and sometimes there is just a one-off piece because his designs are never mass produced. According to Ayo….I create a new design, put it up for sale and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Because of his background in interior design and luxury furnishings – facilitated by enrollment in  Design Courses at the Centennial College, Toronto and then the prestigious Etobicoke College of Arts, He  attends the various major international design shows for inspiration and insight into the design world as a whole. This enables him respond quickly to trends and work with new and interesting materials, fabrics and embellishments.  His T shirts are not the “normal” run of the mill printed piece of clothing. That’s too easy. Rather, he uses material and embellishments that would not be out of place on a piece of hanging art.

Pushing the boundary of design has never been an option, it is the only way.


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