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The 6th edition of the annual Mozambique fashion week will take place from the 6-11 December in Maputo , Mozambique . Swahili  and Mozambique fashion week collaboration begun in year 2009 when Adelia and Sheila Tique represented Mozambique at Swahili fashion week 2009 and the later was represented at Mozambique fashion week by Jamilla Vera swai.

“This year Swahili fashion week 2010 Marinella Rodriguez represented Mozambique and we are proud and honoured to select Manju msitta to represent Swahili Fashion week at such a prestigious event in Maputo during the pan African showcase on 11 December” stated Swahili Fashion week organiser Mustafa Hassanali

“It’s a pleasure representing Tanzania and Swahili Fashion Week at this years Mozambique Fashion Week. I hope to fly the Tanzanian and east African flag as region high at this world class event.” says Manju msitta

Manju was selected by International producer Jan Malan umzingeli in conjunction with Swahili Fashion Week as who best to represent Tanzania based on their quality and consistency of their creative work.

From (L-R) Hamis Omary, Manju Msita and Saphia Ngalapi, PR & Media Manager Swahili Fashion Week, During the press conference at Habari Maelezo, Dar es Salaam

“This is just the Beginning of Strengthening of Not only Political ties between Tanzania and Mozambique  but also Cultural ties too. The Bond shall grow Deeper and stronger Year after year” noted Hassanali.

On the other note Swahili fashion week will host THE WORLD AIDS DAY party on 4 December at Mercury’s in Zanzibar, The event organised in conjunction with Explore Zanzibar is aimed at fundraising for  Zapha+ (Zanzibar Association of people living with HIV/AIDS) . The Party is to be hosted by ace celebrity presenter Abby patjess which shall see DJ eddy from Zanzibar , keep party revellers entertained throughout the night.

Manju Msita design

“Its our responsibility as individuals and organisation, for the social and economical development of the society and with that in mind Swahili Fashion week aims at supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. Amongst the organisation being supported for past three years is the Tanzania Mitindo House and we hope we can advocate to a far and further reach within Tanzania ” concluded Hassanali


Swahili Fashion week is a platform for designers – both fashion and accessory – from Swahili speaking countries to showcase their creativity, market their art and network with their clientele. This is all aimed at promoting fashion as an income generating, job creating industry while emphasizing a “Made in East Africa ” concept.

Swahili Fashion Week is set to be an annual fashion extravaganza showcasing the best of creative talent in the fashion from Swahili Speaking countries. This being the regions highly acclaimed premier Fashion event founded created and conceptualised in year 2008 by Mustafa Hassanali

“Initiating a dynamic and promising platform for the fashion industry in the region, Swahili Fashion Week is geared towards being the most sought out fashion platform in Eastern Africa for the international market”, explained Mustafa Hassanali, founder and organizer of Swahili Fashion Week.

Manju Msita is one of Tanzania ‘s most established and innovative designers. As a graphic designer turned-musician turned-fashion designer, Manju detests  imitation, which he considers both plagiaristic and fraudulent. “I create authentic designs: from God to me, from me to my customer.”

Manju’s irresistible Afro-creations have proven to be the first, strongest and most effective antidote to the decades-long public apathy towards African attire. Through his company- Smart Afrika, sited at Mikono Art Complex near VETA, Dar es Salaam – Manju has unleashed a new kid on the block. Together with Afro-inspired kitchen party, send-off, wedding, office, casual and special-occasion wears, now come shoes beyond conventional fashion beliefs. Colourful is the new black and matching, to Manju, is the new world (fashion) order.

With his pieces now sparkling in all corners of the globe, Manju who launched his fashion career as an underdog in the late 1990s sees the step he made into the fashion world as nothing but a new beginning, and for him, the sky’s the limit.


The Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW), is an artistic and cultural event, and is the only one in Mozambique that is connected to the desire to create and that works in discovering new talents and fashion designers, creating opportunities in opening new business markets and professional contacts for the fashion industry in Mozambique and worldwide.
Mozambique Fashion Week has as an objective of enhancing national fashion and beauty and also aims at expanding the fashion market in Mozambique , discovering new talents around the country.
The MFW is a driving vehicle for the development of the Mozambican fashion industry and a major tourist attraction in the promotion of culture and well-being, putting Mozambique in the itinerary of international fashion.


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