Barnadina Olusola Ayodele

By Niyi Tabiti

Two Senior managers and one Manager who believed they were unlawfully sacked by the former managing director of Spring Bank, Mr. Charles Ojo are asking the court to give them 75 million Naira as compensation for the unlawful sack. gathered the case is now before his Lordship, Justice Adefowope Okojie of the Lagos High Court, Onikan.It would be coming up for hearing in January 2011.

The three managers were among 42 persons that were allegedly ‘forced’ to resign durning the time of Mr. Charles Ojo as Chief Executive of the bank. Others have also gone to court to seek redress over what they considered the unfair treatment meted out to them.

The managers claimed that apart from their entitlement that was also withheld,the police were used to threaten them. gathered that they were not willing to release their official Toyota Corolla cars that was why the Police officers from Special Fraud Unit of Nigerian Police at Milverton Road, Ikoyi were used to compelled them. But they succeed in getting a reprieve as their lawyer fired a memo to necessary authorities that they should be allowed to keep the cars pending the determination of the case.

As at the time of their ‘forced resignation’ from Spring Bank we gathered that two of them were earning N1.2 Million while the other has N800,000 as take home every month.

A source told that even if the bank want to deduct loans from the account balance of the said managers, they should do it in all fairness. We gathered that they are now charging the managers commercial rates on loans as against the in house policy that allow a staff loan at reduced rate since they got the loan as staff of the organization.

Mr. Charles Ojo under whose administration the bankers were terminated is now standing trial for financial crimes as the CEO of the bank.His own appointment was terminated too by the Central Bank of Nigeria for what the CBN governor, Lamido Sanusi Lamido termed  wrong use of office for gross enrichment.

The new CEO, Mrs. Olusola Ayodele is working on making sure that the public see the bank as their best choice.


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