By Niyi Tabiti

Castle beer seems to be off Lagos street and sources disclosed to that the competition seems to be too high for the brewing company. In Nigeria, we gathered that Castle Beer was doing very well in the Eastern part of the country.They also have Castle Malt.

The company decided to test the Lagos market which happens to be the biggest market for any brewery in the country. After some months of marketing, the company did not do well.

Latest report that  gathered is that the company decided to close shop in Lagos last December.

Castle Beer, according to information gathered by is a product of  South African Breweroes. A company in Nigeria in which one of the Governors in igboland (Eastern part of Nigeria) had interest got the franchise to market in Nigeria.

When the beer found its way into the Lagos market, a company was contracted to distribute it. At first, many thought it was going to take the Lagos market but Lagos it dawned on them they don’t have the financial power to withstand the competition. The mode of distribution was also limited to some areas. The distribution network was less than 20 per cent of places covered by Guinness and Nigerian Breweries.

We don’t know whats going to happen for now, whether they are going to stage a return to Lagos but for now, gathered that it is bye to Lagos for now.

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