Kim Kardashian

By Folake Alu/

Front and back, socialite Kim Kardashian has the appealing look that is easily noticeable everywhere she goes. ladies want have her shape, be the darling paparazzi like the TV star and earn big bucks from endorsements.

Men want to be involved with the star, they want to be close, yes, too close for comfort! Kim has some parts of her body re-moulded by surgeons to fit perfectly well into her dream and the reality of her work as a TV personality.

The craze for cosmetic surgery in Nigeria, Africa’s most flamboyant country is deeply on the rise. investigations show that most ladies especially on the Island are going can spend anything to have a nose, hips and breast surgery to enhance their physical beauty.

The Nigerian fashion and style industry is raking in more money, getting more attention and in a little while, it would be a blast like the music and movie business.From events covered by, Nigerians love to dress well and look good, showing off their latest acquisition of automobiles and phones.

Looking good is a key to many opportunities in Nigeria and no one want to be left off the spotlight. Unknown to many, most of the top Lagos big girls are paying good money to surgeons to have their body re- moulded according to their specifications.

Till date, Modupe Ozolua is the still most popular person who hire surgeons from abroad to attend to her numerous clients in Nigeria. Sources disclosed that some decided not to go through her because of the huge media attention. Though Ms. Ozolua keep her operations confidential to a large extent, some believe that there is no way people wont find out because of her status as a top celebrity.

A broadcaster, a female senator and wife of a billionaire industrialist are three of Nigerian top socialites who are known to have re-shaped their breasts and hips. Now, the younger girls who are now controlling the social circuits are paying thousands of dollars to keep up with the looks of their fav Hollywood TV stars like Kim Kardashian.

Next time you hold that city girl, don’t be too sure you are holding her body, it might be the work of art mounted by a surgeon!!!

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