Ramsey Nouah, Nollywood actor

In 1984 Wale Adenuga shot his first feature film, Papa Ajasco with
Peter Fatomilola and it was a huge success. In 2009, Ramsey Nouah
played the lead role in Figurine and the movie set box office record
until Ije came. In 2008, Funke Akindele movie, Jenifa set an all time
record in Nollywood as the highest selling movie.

Now, the three record breakers have teamed up together to deliver
another movie, “The Perfect Church” to cinema across Nigeria and Ghana
on Friday, February 29.

Wale Adenuga is producing the flick while top rate actor, Rmasey
Tokunbor Nouah is playing the role of Pastor Benson with almost
impeccable reputation, Funke Akindele, plays the role of Sis Angela,
the choir leader, veteran actor, Olu Jacobs plays the role of
vision-seeing Bishop Williams, Ngozi Ezeonu is the elder, Mrs Ojo with
a secret that will diminish the elderly-reputation of her and that of
her husband, Mr OjoHakeem Rahman.

With star-studded clip, popularity and reputation many are asking if
the coming together of these three ‘giants’ in their own right can
guarantee a cinema success. ‘I am sure the movie will do well
commercial wise even though money was not our objective. We wanted to
shot a movie with strong message and high cinematic standard. We did
everything right and with right cast, the cinema audience will embrace

As a sign of not leaving anything unturned, the movie will be opening
in all cinema across Nigeria and Ghana at simultaneously, that would
be the first time a movie will be opening same time across the West
African countries.

The Perfect Church is the story of a church with perfect reputation
and holy people with unholy secret. Pastor Benson (Ramsey) presides
over the church, Sis Angela (Funke) leads the choir while Mr and Mrs.
Ojo (Hakeem and Ngozi) are the elders. Their lives are  perfect until
Bishop Williams (Olu Jacobs) comes to deliver a confusing vision. All
hell was let loose and lives and reputation are sacrificed.

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