In an atmosphere of pomp and celebration, Xqwizit Ushers recently brought together  fans, friends and clients to an unforgettable Monday night party where ushering, fashion and entertainment held sway under a roof.

The event that took place on Monday December 27th, 2010 by 10pm, started with a red carpet where Xqwizit Ushers’ and guests had a field day was dubbed “XQWIZIT NITE AT AURA”.

The event proper started with an outfit display by Xqwizit Ushers. The ushers strut the runway in different attires that revealed their versatility on the ushering job; from Air hostess uniform to Edo traditional attire through Chinese’s attires and sailor’s uniform, the ushers were simply exquisite.

The compere, Michael the grand commander soon came up to welcome the guests , he also took the guests through the second display of the night where the ushers were adorned in different costumes like the Egyptian, Indian, cheer leader, fairy, Sailor, and referee costume. However the runway display was not only for members of Xqwizit Ushers as guests were also invited to come show their stuff on the runway but that was not the high point of the run way display; the runway display got to a culminant point when Joke Adegun the CEO of Xqwizit Ushers herself walked the runway.

‘Michael the grand commander’ soon called the host of the day, Ms. Joke Adegun to come up say something; blushing, she came up to thank guests for making it down to the event, she also urged the guests to enjoy the night. Joke Adegun had in an earlier interview disclosed that the aim of the night is to create awareness of our services, showcase our ushers and the different types of outfits we have’. Her speech then gave way to the party proper as guests danced all night till dawn.

A roll call of some of the hi profile events they have handled in recent times is the British American Tobacco team building seminar, Catholic Women’s Organisation annual rose ball, LASAA AGM, TECHNO OIL Christmas party and GTB Christmas party. The imprint of their ushering expertise was also registered at the encomium white gig this month in Lagos.


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