Ngo Okafor

By Niyi Tabiti

Ngo Okafor has his eyes on the top. With fame and fortune rolling his way, the  University of Connecticut,USA graduate of Computer Science is fashionable just as he is humble, connecting his world with a win win attitude.

If you think that his look is enough sense of appeal, then wait till you listen to the United States of America based Nigerian star.He is got a vision well mapped out and he is ready to join in making the Nigerian entertainment industry grow bigger.

He told in a telephone interview from USA that he is ready to contribute his quota to the Nigerian entertainment industry if given the chance.He also has a vision to build a boxing gym so that young talent can also be discovered in that area.

Ngo Okafor, the model

According to him, one of his most excited moment in life was when he won the Golden Gloves title, the highest distinction in amateur boxing  in the US.

He would like to build a boxing gym in Nigeria where talents can be discovered too.

Ngo told that he is ready to work with the movie industry in Nigeria.

On his assessment of Nollywood so far, Ngo disclosed that the stories are good. That is why people from other African countries are watching Nigerian movies but the production standard needs to be upgraded so that the movies can also be released in other parts of the world

Ngo told “They have so much potential in the Nigerian movie industry. The only problem is that they don’t crossover to the point that the actors and producers can make good money from blockbusters. You know when you make real money, and then we can make the industry bigger”

” Look at the Indian movie, the Slumdog millionaire- the movie won so many awards and they rake in millions of Dollars.We have better stories than that in Nigeria but we need good production quality so that the film can measure up to world standard” He said.

Ngo Okafor

Ngo has made a mark in his acting career. His television work has included appearances on All My Children, One Life to Live, Six Degrees and Kings. He also featured alongside award winning actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones On the Rebound. The new work is set for DVD this fall.

Unlike some Nigerians who are completely lost abroad, Ngo still carries his traditional identity. He speaks the Ibo language with pride. Despite staying in the US for long, he still pride himself as a real African.

As a model, Ngo made a name for himself, posing alongside superstars like Gisele Bundchen and queen of hip hop, Mary J Blige. He has also appeared in top selling magazines such as Vogue,ESPN,Wall Street Journal magazine (where he was celebrated alongside five other Olympians. Recently, Ngo was named  the face of sportwear Under Armour and he is currently considered the most downloaded African-American model on the internet.

Ngo told that he is still single because he has not been thinking of marriage. When asked on his kind of woman, he told us that he would like a woman with the true quality of African woman. She must flesh here and there but not too much. Aside his interest in taking part in Nigerian movies, he also believe that at the right time he can feature for top Nigerian designers. He believe s so much in creativity and getting the right result.

NGO’s limited edition “Best Of” calendar was recently unveiled on hit talk show “Mo’Nique” (BET channel) in which he will send all proceeds from the calendar to Nigerian children

Interview:Niyi Tabiti


Photos:Ngo Okafor

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