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For popular American rapper and actor, Eminem, this is not just another title. It signifies something remarkable in his career. No small fly beat Lady Gaga just like that. Eminem is big in music and he has several awards to show for it. Working with someone like hip hop king, Dr. Dre has also enhaced his career. Well, that is not the gist here.

The latest gist is that slim shady as Eminem is popularly called has continued to shine, despite losing in the album of the year category of Grammy 2011 award. Just some days ago, the handsome singer became the most likeable personality alive on social media. He reportedly has 28,883,000 ‘likes’ while Lady Gaga who has been holding the number 1 position for sometime has 28,883,272 likes. But analytic shows with the way things are going for Eminem, he might soon be leaving Lady Gaga with so much gap. Michael Jackson has the most ‘like’ Facebook fan page with 29.1 billion likes. But Eminem will soon surpassed that too.

Information at Gistmaster disposal indicates that Eminem now enjoy several likes button of facebook surfers and It is just a matter of days that he would speed off  leaving Lady Gaga several thousands of facebook likes apart. In 2010, Lady Gaga overtook America President, Barak Obama to become the most likes personality on Facebook.

Eminem is the new king of Facebook ‘likes’ but Lady Gaga has more views than him on Youtube. Gistmaster.com learn from yahoo that Lady Gaga has more than 190 million views than him. Lady Gaga has over one billion views, trailing only behind Justin Bieber, who is reportedly the King of Youtube views with 1.34 Billion views.

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