It is a common knowledge that the date February 14 is set aside worldwide in celebration of what we have come to know as Valentine’s Day. However that is not the news, what is rather of interest is the experience that people are expected to share on this day better described as Lovers Day.

Much as i agree with the notion that the belief held by different individuals regarding Valentine’s Day varies from person to person, thus the activities that people involve themselves in is a function of what Valentine means to them. I think one can assert that Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation especially to those so dear to us in one form or the other.

In the season of love and appreciation that Malta Guinness, the only Naija Malt drink that offers Top of the World goodness took fun, energy and love to its loyal consumers on Valentine’s Day at the famous Planet One, in Lagos, by joining the rest of the world in celebration at an event tagged “MALTA GUINNESS LOVE ROCK VALENTINE PARTY”.

The show kicked off proper at a time when the day gave way for nightfall with the invited guest starting the night on the red carpet while the ever popular Steel Roller “DJ TOP” steering the wheels to the top of the world as the entire atmosphere went eccentric with various Naija vibes that were dished out from the wheel of steel to thrill the fun loving Malta Guinness Consumers and fans.

The “Malta Guinness love rock Valentine party” was anchored by the very charming TV Presenter, Andre Blaze who did not disappoint the highly expectant crowd present at the show as he gave doses of a contemporary show handler.

The show saw Andre Blaze meandering amongst the crowd present at the event as he teased Val’s with questions and those people who gave the correct answers to the questions asked went home with various gift items. The show did not fail to live up to it’s billings as upcoming acts were called to the stage to showcase their talents, these artistes gave a good account of themselves as they reeled out contemporary tunes which kept the delighted audience asking for more.

The show also had, present, the Winner of the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa Season III & present reigning Pan African Champion, X-Fellaz performing before the highly expectant crowd.

X-Fellaz in their typical energetic choreographic style, showed the stuff that made them the best dance group in Nigeria at the last MGSDA Season III competition and also, made them African Champions at the Pan Africa Dance Competition held in Ghana last year.

The show gradually got to another point of excitement as everybody present were invited to the floor to come dance as they all savored the sweet taste of Malta Guinness. This went on for couple of minutes as best dancers were identified by the Host who later presented gifts to some good dancers as this is the hall mark of Malta Guinness itself.

The show came to its climax when the popular Mr. Capable “Banky W” mounted the podium as he rolled soul thrilling tracks from his album collection such as “LAGOS PARTY”, “VERY SHARP BAD GUY” among other notable Hip Hop songs and this made the crowd demand for more hit tracks from him. Due to popular demand, he called out some ladies from the crowd who later danced with him as he sang “STRONG THING” with the females on stage.

The show was given a parting short when Mr. Capable, “BANKY W”, showed love to the female folks that danced with him as he rewarded the ladies with Valentine gifts but the crowd yearned for more but as the popular saying goes “For every beginning, there is always an end”

The show finally came to a point of rest after Banky W was done on stage. The excitement of the Malta Guinness Love Rock Valentine Party was on the bud of the crowd’s tongues as they reluctantly dispersed in joy and fantasy looking forward to another event of such fun, vitality and top of the world’s goodness.

As one of the invited guest rightly put it the “Malta Guinness Love Rock Valentine Party” truly rocked.


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