Nina, Ola and Anis

…As Audu goes missing in action

Two contestants with the lowest votes were evicted at last Thursday’s result show on Nigerian Idol. The two contestants Nina and Ola were part of the contestants the audience voted in during the top 50 phase. While Ola made it to the final stage during the first group, Nina was the contestant with the highest votes in the fourth group.

 But the Idol journey came to an end for both last Thursday as they recorded the lowest fan votes.

After their eviction was announced, the audience was treated to a recap of their journey so far, and it was an emotional experience for the judges and the contestants. Infact Bibi and George couldn’t hold the tears.

“It’s a tough decision to make, but if I had my way, I’d send Yeka Onka parking without looking back”. Yinka Davies said right before Anis announced Nina and Ola as the contestants with the lowest votes. “I think I’d go with Yinka, I totally agree with her on Yeka” Jeffery adds

 But then, the format had to be followed. The judges no longer have a say, but the audience does, and so Ola and Nina had to leave.

 Nina is a lawyer, but unlike most of the other contestants, she has a background in dance and not music. She has been a dancer since childhood and was a member of a dance group in university. The group also incorporated singing in their performances. The graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka also manages a spa in Abuja.

 Ola (Olamide in full) is the most laid back among all the Nigerian Idol contestants. The 22 year old undergraduate of Babcock University claims that even though he is the first to sing professionally in his family, his family members are involved in music, whether singing on an amateur level or just appreciating good music.

 Before they left the competition, they performed for one last time.

 Now with two people out of the competition, there are now 11 contestants remaining in the house. Expect things to get tougher and more exciting as these contestants slug it out for the final prize of 7.5 Million Naira and a record deal with Sony BMG.

 Meanwhile, onlookers and ardent followers of Nigerian Idol were perplexed that judge Audu was not at the result show. And even though Anis announced that he missed his flight to Lagos, the questions won’t stop coming in“Did he know that a lawyer would leave?”, “Where is Audu”, “Whatever happened to Audu?” “Has Nigerian Idol sacked Audu”, “why do we just have two judges on the show today” were comments on twitter and facebook last Thursday.

 Nigerian Idol is sponsored by Etisalat in association with Pepsi and Royal Exchange.

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