Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi

Ambassadors of Recare’s Natures Gentle Touch, Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi
and Agbani Darego have obviously been having a ball since they became
ambassadors for Africa’s leading personal style brand.
In a chat with both ambassadors at the just concluded Arise Fashion
Show, both style icons shared their experience with Natures Gentle
Touch – a brand that is dedicated to empowering Africans with beauty
and style knowledge.
“I’ve been working with Recare and Natures Gentle Touch for six years
and it’s a relationship I’m proud and excited about. Having a Nigerian
brand that connects Africans with international lifestyle through
quality products and knowledge sharing is a vision that I’ll always be
part of, and so far, it has been very exciting without any regrets
working on this vision. And I’m happy that women around Africa have
realized the effective results of a product specially designed for us
Africans and are patronizing Natures Gentle Touch”  Oluchi who is
heavy with her second child says.
Oluchi won the MNET face of Africa in 1998 and has since then become a
household name in fashion and beauty. She was named the brand
ambassador in 2006 and in 2010; her image graced the packaging of the
redesigned Natures Gentle Touch No-Lye Kit Relaxer system.
“We chose Oluchi as our Ambassador because she is a true
representation of the African beauty which is what our vision is – to
help Africans reveal their inner beauty, and she’s very committed in
using her position to reveal this African beauty to the world” said
Chika Ikenga, the CEO of Recare Limited.
Agbani Darego on the other hand joined Oluchi as brand ambassador in 2011.
“This is a brand that celebrates African women through their
commitment to designing the best hair care products that’s most
suitable for us, and I’m proud to be working with them; proud to be
part of the Natures Gentle Touch family”, said the former Miss World,
Agbani Darego, Ikenga says, ‘is a very talented woman and a role model
to many which fits in with Natures Gentle Touch brand values”. He also
informs that Darego will equally represent a number of products for
the brand as Oluchi does.
Recare’s passion for personal style inspires the brand to continually
define African beauty, tapping inspiration from African style icons to
empower individuals through beauty and style knowledge.
Natures Gentle Touch is specially formulated for Africans living in
Africa with great considerations to the climate, diet and hair
texture, and it’s widely accepted by women all across the continent
and beyond.
With ground-breaking ideas and deeply-rooted passion for superior
beauty solutions, Natures Gentle Touch devotes herself to revealing
the instinct for beauty and style in African women.
Founder Chika Ikenga says, “we are more than a haircare company, we
are a life style; a culture and our corporate philosophy says it all’.
Today Recare Limited is Africa’s leading personal style brand and has
taking a giant stride in beauty and style education by establishing
the largest hair institute in sub-Saharan Africa, the Natures Gentle
Touch Hair Institute.

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