Ituah and Ibidun

By Niyi Tabiti

Last week, gistmaster.com was the firs to report about the 50th birthday of Nigeria’s famous pastors.Articulate and charming, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo has made his mark in terms of fellowship and follower ship. He is an inspiration to many right from his days as a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD. Gistmaster captured the moment of the Ighodalo’s golden jubilee at Landmark Centre.

However, he resigned under controversial circumstances when the Church thought it was bad for him to remarry after he parted ways with his former wife. Perhaps, he had an option either to leave Ibidun or resign but he chose to leave. Today, the Chartered account is the pastor of Trinity House in Victoria Island. His wife is, Ibidun is a former miss Lux and she is sweet just as her name connotes if translated into her native Yoruba language.

Pastor Ighodalo

Last week, Ighodalo who made it to the cover of Thisday Style publication, said once he became a christian, “I became very passionate about GOD,and i followed him aggressively,I droped virtually all my youth vices especially parting and relationships with the opposite gender. I still made a few business compromises but i learnt quickly through the hardships I suffered that if you are going to serve GOD,it is good to properly and absolutely do so.

On his marriage to Ibidun-

Pator Ighodalo said Ibidun is a lovely woman with a beautiful heart. She is beautiful inside and outside, self-motivated, industrious,creative,considerate,practical,teachable,down to earth and realistic. she is also very respectful and carries herself with well. She can be troublesome a times and a bit stubborn but that is part of her person and her strength of character. She is a great partner, who is very loving. My heart just leapt out to her and I wanted to be with her.



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