The ‘Children’s Fiesta’ is a child empowerment program designed to celebrate the African child’s positive attributes through fun filled and enlightening activities.

This year’s edition will be held in a prestigious venue in Victoria Island. The inaugural event is themed ‘’Taking Tomorrow Today’’ and is specifically designed to inspire kids as well as enhance their career development skills for future.

To the vast majority of people, toys are mere play item or pacifier for children a lot of thought does not really go into which toys best serve the purpose as a great tool towards a child’s development. A lot of is dumped in the mind of children subliminally both positive and negative which can be later detected in their character at a much later stage (especially in their teenage years). We need to see toys for what they really are…..A fun developmental tool.

Generations over the years having been passing on to kids toys in different shapes and sizes not fully realizing the psychological impact it has on them. In this age and time our thoughts, decisions and actions are influenced externally especially in young children.

There is a need for role models they can easily identify with in their likeness that can sharpen their moral values and bring them closer to their culture. Hence, Queens of Africa project; a social-cultural and educative innovation, with positive life changing initiative, set up to empower, promote and support Nigerian/African girl child.

The main aim of Queens Of Africa is present to the African/Nigerian girl child household dolls with African concept and origin with the view to position it as the world’s number one symbol of pride and entertainment. In addition, empower by adding value to the African/Nigeria child especially the girl child to be confident and ethically matured to become the ideal and perfect role model.

And what better way do we have than to usher in this project with the forthcoming children’s day! A day where we take time off our busy schedules to have fun with our kids and pay them the true attention they need. So ‘Children’s Day Fiesta 2011’ has been put together with a double goal of creating a platform for introducing ‘Queens of Africa’ as well as mark an event in grand style.

The event will see parents and their children participate in fun-filled activities and win ‘Queens of Africa ‘dolls. A onetime event, this will inspire and more so set the ball rolling for a clearer perception of African Dolls and similar art.

Developed by entrepreneur and philanthropist Toafick Okoya, the program has reached tens of thousands of children across Africa contributing significantly to education programs, particularly in Nigeria. The website www.queensofafrica.com has lots of information about the Queens and the wider work the program is involved in.

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