Saturday, May 6 will remain evergreen in the memories of hundreds of guests that attended this year edition of the Annual Intercontinental Night at The Lagos Motor Boat Club on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The all night shindig was a splendid show of cultural display by different nations of the world. Sixteen countries from all the continents of the world had individual open stands where they expressed their culture through their native foods, dress, artistic display and national flags.

The colourful event which had the trappings of an international cultural festival, kicked off at exact 7pm when guests including tourists from different nations and members of the Lagos Motor Boat Club and their families, started to move around freely, gyrating to the loud music from the turn-table of the disc jockey.


The highlight of the night was the food tasting segment when guests were allowed to go round the stands of any country of his or her choice to taste the foods and beverages on display at no cost. Nations represented include: Greece, United States of America, South Africa, India, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, England, India, Italy, China, Spain, Republic of Benin, Holland and the host nation, Nigeria etc.


Holland’ stable was represented by Heineken, a global premium beer brand with strong cultural and corporate heritage from Holland, its home country. The Heineken’ stand at the occasion was however the busiest as majority of the guests, kept besieging the stand for refreshing glasses of free chilled Heineken beer.


Explaining guest’s attachment to the Heineken’ stand, Jacqueline Van Faassen, Senior Brand Manager, Heineken who is also a native of Holland, stated that “Heineken is the most international premium beer brand that people enjoy. So you can see that guests here tonight couldn’t resist the rich taste of Heineken beer. That is why they kept coming back for more. That is apart from our foods that also taste good.


“The Intercontinental Night here tonight is all about international appeal because different countries have their stands here and they share their cultural values through their foods, entertainment, arts, music. So Heineken, which is originally from Holland is representing the Dutch community and culture here tonight” She disclosed.


On why Heineken is sponsoring the annual event, Jacqueline said the brand is all about creating opportunities for good living, quality fun and leisure for its consumers. “We have been sponsoring this event for so many years in Nigeria. Sponsoring events like this is also in tune with the Heineken’s new tagline, ‘Open Your World’. It is really about the internationality of the beer because Heineken wants people to open their world to connect to other people from different cultural background to see many things around the world; to show that there is much around that we can share together”, explained the Heineken Senior Brand Manager.


The International Night is an annual international cultural display that brings people of different climes together under the ambience of fun, leisure and festivity. It is organised annually by the Lagos Motor Boat Club which has been in establishment for over a century.


Explaining the idea behind the concept, the chairman organising committee of the 2011 International Night, Mr. Brown Hill, a native of England, stated that the Intercontinental Night started 18 years back as a medium to socialise and widen people’s horizon to experience other cultures of different nations of the world. “Lagos Motor Boat Club which has been in existence over a century ago has membership from people of different nationalities including Nigeria. I have been a member for the past 28 years and we have 400 members altogether representing different countries of the world. The idea behind the Intercontinental night is just to allow members and people from different nations to be together at a particular night to enjoy themselves. We invited different nationalities from the diplomatic community. They came with their native meals and drinks and people eat and drink as much as they like free of charge.”

Hill further explained that the Intercontinental Night is always held in the first week of May every year for the past 18 years that it started. “We always endeavour to get between15 to 20 countries to participate in it. For the second time running, we brought African cultural dimension by bringing a special masquerade from the Republic of Benin. I think you saw their wonderful traditional music and dance display. Heineken, Nigeria is here tonight representing Holland and the brand has been sponsoring the event for so many years and we really appreciate them” Hills concluded.




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