Rukkies Concepts the promoters of the much talked about African Fashion Week, London 2011
has confirmed the list of participating designers that would take part in this year's edition.
Storming down the runway will be designs from all over the vibrant continent of Africa, with a bit of flare from European influences.
 See our list below for designers and show schedule:

Show Schedule Friday 5th August

3.00 pm Show

  1. Rayo Collection UK/Nigeria
  2. Sophia Brown London UK/Cape Verde Island
  3. Chancie Style UK/Congo
  4. Back2Eden UK/Nigeria
  5. Fee Uhssi France/Nigeria

4.30 pm Show

  1. Fantazia Clothing Nigeria
  2. Prima Rouge Nigeria
  3. Niniola Fashion House Nigeria
  4. Ouch Nigeria
  5. House of Adjeiwaah UK/Ghana
  6. Diva Delicious Ghana

6.00 pm Show

  1. N Duval Exclusive UK/Mauritius
  2. Kamondi UK/Uganda
  3. Catalyst by Tamara Joseph UK/Dominica/Trinidad
  4. Chiro UK/Kenya/Germany
  5. House of Nwocha Nigeria
  6. Embellished Truth UK/India

8.30pm Gala Show

  1. Eva Grygo UK/Nigeria
  2. Sve UK
  3. Yaa Ataa Couture Bags Ghana
  4. House of Jola Nigeria
  5. Chipo Bespoke UK/Zimbabwe
  6. MIA by Mia Nisbet Scotland/Malawi
  7. Ahdookeh Nigeria
  8. Halero Nigeria

Show Schedule Saturday 6th August

1.00pm Show

  1. Maureen Amooti UK/Uganda
  2. Ozora UK/Nigeria
  3. Adopted Culture UK/Ghana
  4. Ann Rose UK/Kenya
  5. Adaora’s UK/Nigeria
  6. Jezreel Designs UK/Nigeria

3.00pm Show

  1. JB Afrique UK/Ghana
  2. Anita Quansah London UK/Ghana
  3. Maze Couture UK/Nigeria
  4. Vaishali Morjaria Creations Kenya
  5. J by Jak Nigeria
  6. 1979 Nigeria

5.00pm Show

  1. Nkiru UK/Gambia
  2. Kanema & Co UK/Sierra Leone
  3. Turita Fogg UK/Nigeria
  4. Racheal Kisti Designs UK/Uganda
  5. A.N.Y.A Couture UK/Nigeria
  6. AAMAA Couture UK/Nigeria

7.00pm Gala Finale Show

  1. Zekarya Solomon UK/Eritrea
  2. Bebegrafiti UK/Nigeria
  3. St Genevieve Nigeria
  4. House of Bunor Nigeria
  5. Afrikanus Angola
  6. Glamelle Boutik UK/Congo
  7. Lilia Milpetrova UK/Bulgaria


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