KEL Entertainment rolls out the drums for Kel again following a brief hiatus and her departure from her former label Capital Hill Music where she released her debut album “The Investment” which had her hit “Waa Wa Alright”.
Following the acceptance of her first Single ‘Waa Wa Alright’ which got instant acceptance from the media and fans, the Abia born Kelechi Ohia has refused to let go of her throne which many fans and critics feel she has lost to other young promising acts that debuted after her.

During her break she enjoyed a successful campaign with Haircare Manufacturing giants Soulmate Industries Ltd as their Ambassador, a deal which kept her in the face and minds of her fans that kept wondering if she’ll ever make a come back musically.
After much criticism and troubles, Kelechi is not throwing in the towel just yet; she and her camp have released materials that have introduced a new dimension to her brand.

Her new singles “Super Woman ft talented vocalist Lami, “Shayo & Move” and “Mu Kulu” with a new brand direction that’s expected to polish the Rappers image, she’s heading for a big fight in the league to once again become music fans sweetheart.
Kel has definitely evolved following her new releases “Mu Kulu”, “Shayo & Move” and “Super Woman” teaming up with producers Samklef and Sleekamo.

She has thrown her weight around her feminine side; brought the sex appeal to her vocals with a sassy approach and her new brand direction.
Taking back the spot she left two years ago is a priority for the Rapper and her camp, and she wants to be Music fans sweetheart once again as she is determined to prove critics wrong and become a strong brand among other female MCs in the Nigerian Hip-hop scene is an apt way to describe her.
In her words “I believe rap music is not only a way of expression but a tool to appreciate and tell it as it is”.
Inspired by personal experiences, People and figments of her imagination, Kel writes music people can enjoy again and relate to. Kel makes her music how and when she wants to. She’s challenging herself, experimenting with different sounds, more wordplay and flows.

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