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Amber Rose, the  lead performer for the much talked Music Meets Runway show in Nigeria, has declared she won’t be coming  for the show.   Amber,,gathered won’t be coming because she has not been booked for the show being sponsored by MTN, Samsung and others.

That Amber Rose won’t be coming to Nigeria was confirmed by the star herself when she tweeted that she has not been booked by the organizers in Nigeria. The claim was refuted by the organizers through a statement this evening. ” She has been booked” the statement reads in part. gathered that MTN and others might pull out of the show based on various controversies. It would be recalled that just recently a massive turn out of of Amber Rose’ leaked on the internet.

Darey Art Alade also issued a disclaimer stating that the organizers used his name for the purpose of publicity, despite misrepresenting him because he was not booked for the show.

Already, there someone is already claiming that Music Meets Runway belongs to him.According to what gathered, the person is planning to sue the organizers for infringing on his intellectual property.

The formal statement issued by Music Meets Runway organizers reads

Early this morning, one of the major headliners of the highly anticipated show, Music Meets Runway, Amber Rose tweeted that she will not be coming to Nigeria to host Music Meets Runway 2011.

Due to recent developments of Amber Roses nude photos that surfaced on the internet last week, were in discussion as to what to do about the situation with some of our sponsors who had understandably shown some concern.

We were still in discussions with our sponsors to accommodate Amber when we read Amber Roses tweet about her not being booked to host Music Meets Runway.

Amber has indeed been booked and paid for through a reputable international booking agent and we were as surprised as anyone to see the tweet.

This situation is under investigation and details will be passed as more information comes.

The show, Music Meets Runway will still hold come Saturday, July 9 at Expo Center, Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

Music Meets Runway is an event poised & designed to create awareness for the laudable and fledging growth the Nigerian fashion industry has recorded in recent times.

The event won’t be all about fashion as 10 musical artistes will also grace the occasion dishing out hits after hits. It will be a great networking opportunity for fashion industry, professionals including educators, retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters and consumers.

We want to assure the public that we are bringing you a great show with some of the most amazing Nigerian Artists and Designers and that this event will be nothing short of a phenomenal experience.

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