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Juliet Aguwa, the twin sister of Julia, wife of Nigeria’s famous Fashion photographer Kelechi Amadi Obi, has an amazing story to tell on how she survived breast cancer.

Yesterday (30 June 2011), the 37 year old beautiful Juliet Aguwa with her team, comprising Ms. Jean Schmitz (Oncology Esthetician), Mrs. Bonnie Anderson (Breast Health Issues) had a press conference on awareness for breast cancer. They flew from the base in the United States of America (USA).

Juliet told gistmaster.com and others present  about her experience with the dreadful disease, which kills a great number of people in silence.

According to Juliet,  she was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer in September 2008, immediately she heard this, she said, “It was as if my death sentence was just pronounced. All I could think about was my children and husband.”

Fortunately for Juliet, she came out of her predicament safely because it was detected on time. With her experience, she vowed to get as many people as possible educated on this disease- CANCER.

Mrs. Bonnie Anderson who is also a member of the team told the press her own experience. She said she was diagnosed of having the same breast cancer when she was 40 years old but was able to survive it due to her early detection.

She also encouraged that ladies should start checking on any traces of lumps right from the age of 18 which she believes is the right age unlike in America where it is believed that the checking can start from age 20.

Mrs. Bonnie displayed how a proper check should be done. She says the first three fingers after the thumb should be used for the checking because they are the most sensitive fingers. “Firstly, the breast starts a bit lower from the collar bone to the entire chest. Most people believe that the breast is just the pronounced part of the chest, no, this is not true. So, if you must start your checking, start from the upper region, a bit below the collar bone”, she explained.

Ms. Jean Schmitz who is an Oncology Esthetician said she is ready to provide support for these victims by explaining to them that they don’t need to live with the scar cancer has given them rather their skin can be taken of and look more pleasant.

Juliet founded her COURAGE 2 DARE foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA on the 12th of November 2010.The sole aim is to create awareness about cancer and also to provide assistant to African men and women whose lives are affected by breast cancer.

COURAGE 2 DARE’s mission is to establish awareness and educate the local population about breast health, by

  • Focusing on self detection
  • Providing a forum in which Africans can come up and share personal stories and experiences about the disease in away that is educating
  • Building the bridge between African and Western cultures
  • Providing awareness and convening early detection workshops
  • Educating on the need for skincare after breast cancer amongst Africans

When asked the reason for bringing the awareness to Nigeria is said “Home is home and it’s good to be home, a great number of awareness program is already in motion in the States, I want to reach out to my people, I want to tell them that I was once a victim of cancer, I am out of it now and I’ve got my life back.

So how does Juliet intends to get to the rural people who do not have access to either electronic or print media? She said “I believe all these rural people do have a forum where they meet, so I can reach them by attending such forum.”

Though plans are on ground to help people with this disease, Ms. Jean Schmitz the Oncology Esthetician says that “people should be willing to assist the foundation in any way possible especially through funds which is the major thing that is needed at the moment to help people who are diagnosed with this disease.

On her part, Mrs. Julia Amadi Obi who happens to be a twin to Juliet says “This awareness should also be taken to the youth because a great number of them have this disease and they suffer in silence, they need help” she concluded.

The moderator, David Ayeni also buttressed her point by saying that the Minister of Education should be contacted about this awareness program and he can help by introducing a compulsory HEALTH TALK into the school curriculum, “This will help to reach the majority of the youth”, he added.

Cancer is real and early detection can save a lot just like it saved Juliet Aguwa, the President and Founder of COURAGE 2 DARE FOUNDATION. For help or to support the foundation, please contact www.couragetodare.org OR Email: jaguwa@couragetodare.org

Story by Funmilola Adenugba/gistmaster.com


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