By Niyi Tabiti
Gistmaster was a guest of Ojuloge Arts World recently. The MD/CEO of the beauty company, Ponmile Funsho Adebayo revealed her company’s effort at propagating the airbush technology style of doing make up in Nigeria.
What is Airbrush Makeup?
Airbrushing Makeup is the High definition technology in Makeup Artistry, which has been improved from time-to-time. Unlike traditional makeup (where you rub makeup into your skin), airbrushing sprays a fine mist of special light water-based foundation on you, so the makeup “sits evenly” on your skin. 

Reasons why top fashionistas and big girls now go for Ojuloge Airbrush Makeup:
1.      Flawless Look:  Airbrush makeup provides flawless, Skin-Like coverage (sheer or opaque), by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural looking finished result.
2.    Natural Feel and Skin-Like Look:  Unlike the regular traditional makeup of normal foundation and powder, Airbrush Makeup does not feel heavy; you will not even feel like you are wearing anything on your skin. When airbrush Makeup is worn, it makes the body look fresh, smooth fusing and blending into the skin, creating that gorgeous goddess glowing skin you always craved for. Airbrush Makeup is used on celebrities and fashion models in developed countries such as USA, UK etc to give them that Smooth, naturally even skin in any light. Most well acclaimed celebrities do not look as fresh and spotless as they seem on…thanks to God for the new ‘Miracle’ Makeup Artistry Airbrushing… that has allowed them to achieve this. That is why it is sometimes referred to as “High-Definition Makeup”.
3.    Flawless Natural Super Coverage:  Airbrush Makeup also has you all covered…Acne spots, Red spots, brown spots, any spot, wrinkle or blemish, even dark circles under your eyes! All will be covered by airbrush-Makeup, leaving you feeling and looking bright.
4.   Long Lasting Coverage without Oily Face:
Airbrushing is the only makeup application that lasts over 24 hours without smearing, running, fading or caking. No need to keep touching up your face in the office or car, or even as a bride. Your makeup lasts all day long for over 24 hours
5.    Say Good-bye To Bacteria and Waste :
With Airbrushing, you need not worry yourself anymore about tissues, cotton balls, sponges or brushes that hold a ton of bacteria. If its for personal use or for occasional use, all you need is a Sprayed on thin layer of makeup without wasting a single drop. Clean up is just as easy for both face and airbrush. Soap & water will do the trick.
6.   No Stains:
Unlike your traditional makeup of foundation and powder, Airbrushing does not
 Stain! This technology is perfect and best for brides and people who have Oily and sensitive skin. A male client who wants to achieve a flawless look can also opt for this makeup option for his events, musical video recordings etc.
I can go on and on to talk about the benefits of Airbrush Makeup, it is endless.
Our Services:
We render services in Airbrush Makeup to individuals and corporate bodies now. For Weddings, photo shoots, digital video recordings etc
Training School:
Our Passion lies in youth empowerment, hence we have commenced training in Airbrushing Makeup at our World class Training Centre situated at No 82 Aina Street, Ojodu-Ikeja, by Grammar School Bus-Stop. 
  This School has a department of Visuals and Film Making, which offers courses such as Photography and Airbrush Makeup for theatres and Home Videos. We  also have the Beauty aspect, which caters for Training in Traditional Makeup, Airbrushing Makeup for regular use such as weddings and photo shoots, Lash extensions, Gele Tying ,Skin care (with essential and Carrier Oils), Nails, SPA etc , we also have a third category of our Training school, which teaches students how to be Great Event Planners (Grace4Dee Dept) this Department teaches students all about Events Planning, Bridal Wears, Makeup, Events Decor, cake Making, Small Chops Making, Flower Arrangements etc . 
  It is a complete Training Center, and you are bound to find a place for yourself, or a place to fit in there and get the best from your training. Our Training Schedules are flexible; we run Schools Mondays-Fridays and work with your own time table to suite a flexible time for you. 
  We recognise the peculiarities in the World today, hence we are not rigid with our time-table, but with our to give them a befitting time to work with. We do weekend programs and also online makeup School (we are the pioneers of this too… the online thing).
Hostel Accommodation:
This is available to students who may wish to stay in the school premises for a fee. We have a homely and friendly atmosphere, with tight security, where students can be comfortable and learn freely.
Our Airbrushing Workshops:
We shall be having our maiden edition of the Airbrushing makeup Workshop in Abuja (25th September), Lagos (2nd October) and Port-Harcourt (6th November). These Workshops are strictly for professional makeup artists and intending professionals only. It will be 100% practical hands on professional workshop. Some of the topics to be treated include…Flawless Airbrush Bridal Makeup, Air fantasy Makeup, Stencilling, Care of the Airbrush Machine, Air Body Painting, Fantasy Lash Fixing etc.
However, for BlackBeauty who would also want to learn Traditional Makeup and Gele Tying for their personal use, the Black Beauty Workshop is for them. At the Black Beauty Workshop, they will learn how to do their makeup perfectly by themselves in 4 different ways to suite each occasion, tie 4 different gele styles, Take care of their skin, Skin types and right products, how to choose your cosmetics etc We will also be having a Doctor come teach us how to loose weight (Health Talk) etc.
The BlackBeauty (BB) Workshop comes up in Abuja (24th Sept), Lagos (3rd Oct) and Port Harcourt (5th Nov)
Venue for the Airbrushing Workshop and BlackBeauty Workshop are;
ABUJA: Hall C, Poly Plaza,Adetokunbo Ademola Str. Wuse 2, Abuja.
LAGOS: Oceanview Restaurant & Bar Victoria Island Lagos.
  How to Book: 
Tickets will be sold at our studios at 47 Ogudu Road Emmanuel Bustop Ogudu/Ojota and 82 Aina Street Ojodu-Ikeja, Berger Grammar school Bus-Stop Berger Lagos. 
 We also have sales reps in Port Harcourt and Abuja to sell your tickets to you and even deliver them to your door steps. Online tickets can also be sent to candidates, once they can quote their teller numbers which they used in making bank payments for the workshops.
For more inquiry contact 01 8821822, 08033571919, 08079719887, 07030057040
Join Face Book : OjulogeArts Ponmile and Group OJULOGEARTS WORLD

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History of Airbrushing:
Although the Airbrushing is not a new invention, however in Nigeria, not much is known of this ‘wonder of Makeup technology’ called Airbrushing is known in Nigeria, hence OJULOGE is proud to be the pioneer of this Great Technology in Nigeria.
According to history, the first Airbrush was invented in 1879 by Abner Peeler using mostly spare parts from a jeweller’s workshop, 4 years later a company by the name of Liberty Walkup began marketing Peeler’s invention. In 1893 Thayer and Chandler Art Materials presented the first modern airbrush at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, this device resembled the body of a pen and functioned similarly to the way the modern airbrushes do today. In 1958 MGM began production on their epic film Ben-Hur (1959) – during production the makeup artists found themselves needing to apply faux tans to the thousands of extras who were supposed to be Romans, the airbrush proved to be their answer. They began spraying the extras with a makeshift foundation and found that the method worked extremely well and this marked the beginning of Airbrush Makeup.
As an Artist, my first encounter with Airbrush was at the University of Ife in the year 1995, when one of my senior colleagues (now a lecturer) in the Fine Arts Department used it to make customized cards used to make different stencils and sprayed inks on the cards. My love for this ART made me attach myself to this senior colleague, and who informally enrolled me as an apprentice under him, using Airbrush gun to make cards, wall papers, temporary tattoos etc. And we did make a lot of money…LOL!  We used to make a lot of money.
My quest for the best when it comes to fashion and Makeup, and especially Airbrush makeup made me go for much international training in the USA to learn the Arts and Skill in Airbrushing. Some of the places where I have learnt Airbrushing Makeup in the USA are Air Makeup in Blackwood New jersey and Divine Creations (Makeup & Hair) in Maryland USA.
My dream is to take the Nigerian Home videos to the international standard in the aspect of Makeup, and this is one step towards that. It hurts me when I see a good script, good directors and cast, but bad costume and Makeup to reflect and translate the script. My dream is to bring this to a reality…making Nollywood stand out in the international market in Makeup and Costume.
Airbrushing is used for regular makeup e.g. Bridal Makeup, Theatrical makeup (Creating Creatures, monsters, forms etc), prosthetic make up ,Fantasy makeup, Fashion Makeup for fashion shows etc, Temporary tattoo making, Face and body painting etc. The use of this technique is endless. 
The revival of Airbrushing started in some early and more resent sci-fi films in the USA and UK. It is used to enhance many alien characters, prosthetic make up. In the mid 70’s airbrush face painting emerged as a popular art form that leaked slowly into Hollywood studios. It was first seen in the hair and beauty trade shows BAL masque completions. Temporary tattoos, conventional make up, fantasy make up, Body art, fingernails hair and even airbrush tanning are some of the styles being used today.

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