These days, many Nigerian celebrities know and feel the urgent inevitable need to draw and stay closer to God as there have been many mishaps in recent times, from Dagrin and mc Loph to frank edoho and one of Nigeria’s multi award winning veteran television presenters; Deji who currently has reasons to thank God again as he has barely escaped a deadly assault on his life by the skin of his teeth from what we gathered to be a crazy ex-girlfriend, a plan that will make Satan applaud with a standing ovation and throw an award ceremony with one nominee and one winner. Some say he must have prayerful friends and family and here is why. 
  In the past one year, Deji has survived 2 near fatal bike accidents where he lost 2 of his 4 high speed power bikes and came out relatively unharmed after a few days in hospital and was again almost robbed on his way from shows at victoria island more than once by armed gun men during 2010 Christmas season along apongbon under bridge. This time, Deji has escaped being trapped in what could have been a fatal relationship for him with a certain half Philippine half Benin lady, Divine Logico.
 According to our sources, after meeting Deji two years ago at a show and being casual friends, Divine Logico of Dudutunez animation and management company for terry the rap man and ijeoma approached Deji back stage while he was on tour asking for his help with her family’s financial and medical problems, she hounded Deji’s assistant, Victor for months before receiving audience and opened up to Deji about her mother being in hospital from diabetes and high blood pressure. 
Deji beaten to a pulp by policemen
  She pleaded with Deji to use his family’s medical connections to help her mother. Deji, being a kind hearted philanthropist volunteering in various charities like HOPE worldwide caring for hiv infected people and orphaned children is always eager to help young people so he obliged this while he was back stage and started making calls to various top Nigerian hospitals in Nigeria where his father, a renowned medical doctor and former secretary general of the Nigerian medical association was well respected. 
  Divine and Deji became close in the following months during which he was allegedly very close with the popular singer may7ven, daughter to popular footballer Segun Odegbami. Sources say Divine became jealous of Deji’s relationship with may7ven and offered to be a part of the birthday party Deji was throwing for may7ven so she can be close to and keep an eye on Deji.
About 5 months after may7ven returned to the UK, Divine became quite close to Deji fast and often played the good wife by cooking for him and his friends in his Ikeja house and going out on various dates with him to the movies, weddings and even bowling. The following months found the couple discussing about seriously moving in together and Divine got a few of her friends including former colleague from Hip on TV, Mr Femi to show herself and Deji some new houses in Ikeja area where she would like them to move into.
 Divine introduced him to her mother and Deji began supporting Divine who the mother claimed was the bread winner in her family. He helped Divine secure a light blue Acura MDS car and with the new house at number 20 Peggy osibor street magodo isheri as Divine and her family were recently ejected from their home at number 4 ayo fasugba street in the same estate. Everything seemed fine until Deji had to put feelings aside and look at his current relationship more objectively.
Deji’s friends became suspicious when Divine began “borrowing” so much property from his house. Divine borrowed various property like both his 42 inch LG flat screen LED televisions, his Samsung galaxy tab phones, video game consoles and cash in the amount of hundreds of thousands of naira to solve her family problems. 
  She claimed that besides her mother’s health, her father had immigration problems and could not stay at home; her sister and the child she claimed was her niece had not attended school for over 2 years. Also she claimed she had debts and the loan sharks were about to take her to court. Also she claimed that she had an outstanding debt to her former boss Ayo Animashaun of hip TV after purchasing split air conditioning systems in the company name on credit from suppliers and her father had been unable to pay the debt. She claimed that the company was going to take her to court.
 Deji asked some of our sources who are childhood friends for advice and they agreed to help him investigate the family further. Upon investigation, shocking revelations came to light about Divine Logico’s many lies and Deji was in shock for days and was considering leaving the country on vacation due to the mental and psychological stress that followed.
  Deji insisted to his close friends that the investigation had to be cleared before Deji would agree to commence the door knocking ceremony which Divine’s family had scheduled for the 8th of October 2011 as Divine and her family had begun introducing Divine as Deji’s wife to all his relatives at Deji’s sister’s naming ceremony in Lagos.
Deji was appalled that Divine and her family seemed desperate with actions at the naming ceremony and expressed his concern to Divine, saying they should slow things down and even go on a break for a while since he still had many un answered questions; that’s when all hell broke loose.
 Also Deji was concerned that Divine and her family were desperate for Deji to introduce them to more celebrities and coerced him to introduce them to Mercy Johnson, KC of Kc Presh and a few others. Divine’s family hustled Mercy Johnson for invitations to her wedding with Odi and were desperate to meet more celebrities. 
 She even requested that Deji speak to the Emcee of the Wedding AY announce them together. Deji reluctantly agreed, but stylishly declined taking photos in public since he prefers to keep his relationship private. When we called Deji for comment on this matter and revealed part of our investigation, he asked for our sources and did not comment further on the matter.
According to our sources, upon the much needed investigation Deji family realised that Divine had told him so many lies. Her father who she claimed was on business in Nigeria was actually an illegal immigrant and was on the run from the Nigerian immigration after allegedly conducting illegal businesses in Nigerian and was holed up in Ikeja. 
 The six year old child Laurina who Divine claimed was her niece was actually a love child between Divine Logico and her father Mr David Logico which she bore for him six years before. At this point Deji called his family and asked them to keep their distance till he could investigate further.  Deji later discovered that Divine and her mother had been communicating with members of his family behind his back on matters to do with international business as Deji’s mother is a business woman conducting businesses in parts of Europe and Nigeria.
Deji discovered that Divine and her family were about to send forged scam documents to his mother in Europe with the guise of conducting business with her company. The business she asked Deji’s family in London to help with is alleged to be a scam to defraud a certain martin rose. Deji’s family contacted him and he asked them to stall till he could find out what was really going on. At this point the pressure was too much for Deji and he decided to step back a bit from Divine and her family saying things had snow balled too fast. 
 Divine got angered when Deji broke up the relationship and stopped picking her calls especially after she and her mother she asked him to help with the alleged scam and he declined.
After Deji put the relationship on hold, Divine and her family approached Deji’s sister and begged her to speak to Deji on her behalf. Our sources confirmed that Divine’s mother is in the habit of coercing potential suitors whom she felt into marriage with her daughters and in fact Divine’s immediate elder sister Toyin was in one of such relationships. 
  Divines elder sister Toyin’s husband, Chris, was arrested by the police in Abuja and forced to marry Toyin, Divine’s sister under duress as orchestrated by Divines mother. Divines grandfather used to be with the Nigerian police and Divines mother exploits his influence within the police force for her purposes. Currently the unlucky young man Chris is married to Toyin, Divine’s elder sister and lives in the mother’s boy’s quarters with their baby in the same compound. Our sources say Divines mother runs the marriage and attempted to do the same to Deji about the time when he called off the relationship. The Logico family were then in financial peril as Deji has stopped paying all their bills and Divine could not return the funds she had allegedly borrowed. Also since Divine and her mother could not get Deji to agree back into the relationship after Deji’s sister failed to persuade him and she resorted to speak to Deji directly again. Divine was provoked when Deji did not return any of her calls and also that of her mother’s. Eventually Divine and her mother called Deji’s mother in Europe. She responded that Deji was an adult and could make his own decisions, that it was ungodly to force a man into any relationship. She also said if Deji called off the relationship, he must have his reasons. She however agreed to speak with him and inquire what was happening. One of our sources was with Deji when he received his mother’s call and explained the whole situation. His conclusion was that he wouldn’t rush or jump into any marriage now, he is still young and needed to clarify Divines family further. Also he mentioned that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. 
  Further investigation revealed that one major reason that Divine was desperate to settle down with Deji was because he is already taking care of her whole family and was about to send her sister and the child she claimed was her niece to Europe to stay with his family and commence education as they had been at home for over 2 years due to lack of funds.
Also as Deji declined to be part Divine’s family business due to many unsettling facts about her father’s immigration status plus the proposed deal with the alleged martin rose of askari aero parts and many other grey areas, as he had told her that he would only support the company he registered for her called “Divine Gracia Logico ltd”, since he could track her business progress this way and ensure she wasn’t involved in any unbecoming “business”. Divine agreed but her mother felt offended and considered Deji’s refusal to be a part of the family business as an insult to her personally.
At this point, Divine and her family went to Deji’s sister house again, when Deji’s sister could not reach him, they left her house on Saturday 10th November and headed for Deji’s house. They tailed him from Ikeja under bridge according to our sources to his Ikeja home. When Divine confronted Deji outside his house and requested they go inside to discuss all what was going on, Deji got suspicious and declined saying he had to rush out for an event and they should talk briefly outside and he would see her later. Divine asked that she wanted to pick up a few of her things from his house. Deji obliged that she should come alone but a few minutes after Divine entered his house, her mother barged in with some other members of her family. They demanded that Deji sit and have a talk with the family on behalf of Divine all in the presence of some of Deji’s staff.
Divine and her mother had then called a few of her police friends and claimed Deji was going to expose their family secrets. They confiscated his phone and began deleting pictures Deji had taken while he dated Divine and all other details to do with Divine and her family. They attacked Deji when he tried to leave the scene so he told his assistant to call his lawyer as his phone was seized by the police, and proceeded to area F police station where a certain Inspector Daniel upon seeing Deji, acknowledging that he had followed his career closely as a fan and hearing the allegations scolded Divine and her mother for being ungrateful and unfair to Deji who had catered for her family. 
  He advised Divine to keep her mother out of her relationship with Deji. He also scolded the police men for even taking Deji’s phone as Deji’s lawyer who got to the police station mid-way through all the drama warned that that was a chargeable offence. One of the police women commented that it was women like Divine who would spoil the few good men for the rest of the ladies. 
 The police then asked Deji if he wanted to continue the relationship. Deji said an emphatic NO. He said God allowed this incident to happen as it had clarified the kind of family Divine Logico was from and that he and his family wanted nothing to do with them. Deji’s lawyer also added that as long as they left him alone, he would not press charges as Deji didn’t want the media attention. Everyone should go their separate ways. Deji decided to let go of all the property and cash that Divine had borrowed from him which she wanted to use to furnish her office; dudutunes studios in Ikeja all for the sake of peace and was glad that he hadn’t agreed to the date of the introduction.

All this was on Saturday. On Monday Divine began calling Deji’s family apologizing for the incident and requested to meet with Deji to iron things out. Deji at that time had travelled for an event but expressed over the phone that he still stood his ground on not wanting anything to do with Divine and her family. Divine then proceeded to speak to Deji’s pastor. a certain pastor Shadrach Obasa of international churches of Christ.

After Divine could not get audience with Deji, she became desperate calling one of our sources who is Deji’s childhood friend to reach out to him. Our source revealed to Divine that Deji was done with the relationship and that everything was too complicated. In all, he was most offended that Divine lied about the love child between herself and her father and couldn’t trust her again. He just wanted to be left alone. Divine wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept pushing Deji’s pastor to get him to attend a sit down meeting to resolve the relationship. At this point, all members of Deji’s family had cut off all communication from Divine and her family as Deji’s lawyer, barrister Sam advised. Deji went back to his normal life and had a thanks giving service at his church our sources say. Divine immediately went to Deji’s sister’s house a pharmacist married with 2 children and asked that she speak to Deji to get back into the relationship. Deji declined then Divine went to Deji’s pastor. Deji granted audience to his pastor but declined to meet with the family.

At this point Divine was infuriated and lied to the police that Deji threatened to expose her family secrets again. Divine came to Deji’s house at 6 am on the 23rd September Friday with the guise to the police that Deji’s other female friends were harassing her and threatening her life. 
 When Deji got the station with his lawyer and publicist Mr Hazeez Balogun, who had placed a call to the Public relations department of the police to declare Deji missing, Divine and her mother admitted that they had been trying to talk to Deji for a while to forgive Divine and he was being difficult. The police got angry about being used for a fool’s errand especially after they realised who Deji was. Eventually Divine asked about the future of the relationship in front of the police and her family and Deji still declined and got his lawyer to restrain Divine and whole Logico family legally from coming anywhere close to him or his family or even contacting him in anyway. 
 The Logico family then begged that Deji not expose the family secrets with regards to the alleged scam and how they had embarrassed him twice in his house. Deji agreed still on the condition that Divine would leave him and his family alone forever and return the property Divine had borrowed from him. Divine had collected two 42 inch flat screen televisions, some video game consoles, galaxy tab pads amongst other items to furnish her office at dudutunes in Adeniyi Jones Ikeja.
At the time of press Deji Falope has been unavailable for comment and his lawyer and publicist are expected with a press release soon.
also investigations are underway into the alleged scam. stay tuned


  1. Coilybella   September 29, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    That was some story!

  2. Anonymous   September 29, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Please this post is too long!!!

    Had to skim through.

  3. Anonymous   September 29, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Na only God fit giv man wife'o buh Deji try'o anyways love is powerfull, na why mariage de fear me now

  4. Anonymous   September 29, 2011 at 7:15 pm

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  5. Anonymous   September 29, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    All liars shall go to HELL FAYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous   September 29, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Hmmm dis is like an home video,sure will call deji up tomorrow has a gud friend to me.divine n her family should go die in d pit of shame n disgrace for all i care.deji is sure one of our reps in d industry n divine n her people should know dat its a big family in d industry.stay incharge DEJI.

  7. Anonymous   September 30, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    Hmm.women,I want a man,I want a man,dat has been the cries on every ladies mouth.hmmm.divine had a man to care for her buh she lost it out of love for money.she has destroyed her future.hmm.nw tell me why man no go scarce wit all dis kind women wey full dis life nw.

  8. Anonymous   September 30, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    I can categorically tell u dat the stories u have read about Divine are lies. I know her personally and have know her for year. I will also advice those of u who r cursing her to investigate before jumping to conclusion. I know d whole story and its a typical case of boy toasts girl, girl says no and all hell is let loose on girl. Pls investigate.

  9. Anonymous   September 30, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    this should be a nollywood movie oo..lmaooo..its long enough and has all the factors for a perfect drama

  10. Anonymous   October 1, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Na wa oh this chic is not even all dat. Deji is way hotter than her. Who is this moron anonymous that says it's a case of “boy toast girl, girl say no” u must stay a moron for life. R u dense, did u fall from your mothers back? U said have known this chic 4 a few years. I have known Deji all my life n trust me He too decent to frame such a low life, n no class biach'ova what? This sounds like a lot of truth, there is no smoke without fire. And there is prove already. That this chic is a scam. She needs to wake up. This is 2011, u can not eat your cake and have it. Words of Karma caught up with her and I am glad she's been exposed. Deji I am so sorry u have been milked. Gosh!u r so kind but u met the wrong girl. Trust me there are lot of good women out there don't relent to love and trust again. I am sure there is someone waiting for your love and is ready to give u as much in return. Stay away from this greedy,heartless,and inconsiderate bitch also stay far from her wicked family. God be with u. Amen

  11. Anonymous   October 2, 2011 at 8:16 am

    i got evidencessssss that 80 percent of all these are lies, pix,recorded calls, videos and bb chats. So to all deji lovers, make as much noise that u can to lift him up and also standby to watch his greatfall.

  12. Anonymous   October 2, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Dis is to all those who said Divine and her family will go to hell my question is who told u! And to Deji u are by far d most shameless stupid fuck I've ever know, na babe matter u carry like 2014 election. All I will say is pick on someone ur own size and let's c if u can stand d heat u crazy delusional son of a bitch and yeah name is Harry tell him I said it and to d tabliod get ur facts right cause its a lies okay

  13. Anonymous   October 2, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    i pray that we dont partake in the distruction of the innocent. May God be with u all. Amen

  14. Anonymous   October 3, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    This is just a terrible article amean this article is so so long that just reading half of this I can already tell this is fabricated and full of lies. Journalists in Nigeria need to fricken get their acts together and naile down the hardcore facts and not give their viewers/readers misconceived information. Amean there is no credibility at all to this story "our sources" a good journalist or anybody working in press will never submit an article with no credibility. At the end of the day people will have their own opinion as to what they believe and what is true but I implore readers to be able to distinguish the truth from a lie especially when it is staring you in the face.

    As for the journalist that posted this my only words to you are "do your homework and present real hardcore evidence before you posts such fabricated lies like this. This is the kind of story you read in tabloids and other garbage press that don't have skilled prefessionals who know what they are doing. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything".

  15. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    that looks like an engagement rind on her finger, deji please collect your ring back and look for a better person. this kind of lady gives women a bad name. you self be maga deji, dont you know a prostitute when you see one? you should investigate better next time. i hope allah provides the right person for you, also i love you on soundcity. you are a great role model.

  16. Dayo   October 4, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    Deji, what goes around come around!

  17. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    cock and bull story. How much did Deji pay u to write this story. Are u even a journalist sef? Bloody low life blogger. Conniving Slippery Maggot, blogging about something you dont have idea of. Even if Divine as described is the worst woman on earth. I wldnt hate her cos she is my friend. So fuck you, deji and ur stories. Bitches!

  18. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Deji is a celebrity and i believe is no more looking for fame, he can not sit down and mastermind this long story against any lady because of what?. He is an adult, he will not decend so low to use any woman to get popularity. Deji is an easy going and discipline young guy we work together and i know him. He cant tell such lies.

  19. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    There is no smoke without Fire…if e no happen dem no go talk…y devine no come talk her part of the story if na lie…pls make we no cause trouble o…for me o…i dont see a reason y deji will lie over a girl he was about getting married to…think again….peeps

  20. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    There is no smoke without Fire…if e no happen dem no go talk…y devine no come talk her part of the story if na lie…pls make we no cause trouble o…for me o…i dont see a reason y deji will lie over a girl he was about getting married to…think again….peeps

  21. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Deji, deji, deji….
    SMH, you always had a way of picking them, glad your okay.
    But I wander what you did to deserve this, like the old wise people say, what you don't know can not know you. plus I know you well, your not as innocent as this report makes you sound I have to give it to who ever put this together his/she is really good, making it look like you dint beg/pay or did both for this to be put up lmao. FYI nice people no mater what don't tell stuffs about his "girlfriend's" child with her dad… And ur very stingy!!!! So where did you come off borrowing her hundreds of thousands!!! Lmfao, ur ma padi but I f**king hate it when people take advantage. ow yeah, plz take care of ur self,

  22. Anonymous   October 4, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Deji, deji, deji….
    SMH, you always had a way of picking them, glad your okay.
    But I wander what you did to deserve this, like the old wise people say, what you don't know can not know you. plus I know you well, your not as innocent as this report makes you sound I have to give it to who ever put this together his/she is really good, making it look like you dint beg/pay or did both for this to be put up lmao. FYI nice people no mater what don't tell stuffs about his "girlfriend's" child with her dad… And ur very stingy!!!! So where did you come off borrowing her hundreds of thousands!!! Lmfao, ur ma padi but I f**king hate it when people take advantage. ow yeah, plz take care of ur self,

  23. Anonymous   October 5, 2011 at 2:04 am

    seems like someone was paid to write this story…

  24. Anonymous   October 5, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Hmmm wow,test all spirit and choose that which is good,let's all not judge,kuz no one is perfect.
    Really we all need to clarify and verify our facts.
    This is a block buster home video.loool

  25. Lola   October 5, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Deji,wow what a story!thank God its all over!whether they are all lies or truth!d foundation of any relatnshp is God!nd also am sure if u had had ur rlatnshp in a xtain way!wldnt result 2 al dis"takia!

  26. Anonymous   October 10, 2011 at 6:54 am

    I knew d babe and her family personally. She did exactly d SAME THING to anoda close friend of mine. She and her mum have been doing this for years! Its just cos Deji is a celeb dat all this came out. Trust me,d story is at least 80 pc true. She and her mum shud b interviewed and aired on crime and investigation TV.

  27. Anonymous   October 13, 2011 at 10:36 am

    this is very pathetic, l see deji on the screen and really like ur programme. Its better what happened now while u both are still courting and not when u are married.lf u had married her, her mother will have been the husband and with such a mother the marriage cant last. Take your time this time when searching and let God choose for u,most of the time we want to sideline God, then God keeps mute until problems start.But thank God urs was earlier detected.
    As for Divine, if u want to have a home(marriage) for urself, u need to first stop ur parents, friends and family from interfering, l tell u maybe if they Havent interfered, the situation might not have gotten to this stage.
    lts well with u both

  28. Dagreen   October 14, 2011 at 7:08 am

    As in really? I read through this junk and I couldn't help but feel pity for any other person that had to read though it. TOTAL CRAP!

    It was so one sided, it felt orchestrated. Maybe the title should have read "Deji's recount".

    I do not know the facts but this article(for lack of a more suitable word) is based on Deji's "Fact". I wonder if Divine's input was even REMOTELY considered.

    Get your acts right, shitty writer!


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