By Niyi Tabiti

For sometime people have been asking me questions such as WordPress or Blogger-which one is the best blogging platform? I strongly believe that Blogger is the ultimate. The flexibility of blogger is cool but on the other hand, web designers have made a lot of great themes on wordpress.

Running your own news website come with a lot of challenges.It is better imagined than experienced. Some years ago, i use to believe that it ends with registering a domain name and just write and post pictures.
  Want to stat your own serious news website?Then ask yourself
 (1) Whats the news website all about
(2) The target audiance
(3) whats the layout going to look like. The design should have easy navigation tools with visible links that want to make readers see more.
(4) How reliable is your internet provider?
(5) How many people are in your team?
(6) How do i make money from the news website?
(7) If you are hosting the website on your own and you are envisaging steady growth, then you must prepare ahead.You just be joking if you are not hosting on your own dedicated server.It cost a lot of money to run a real news website. From paying writers to hiring page designers and getting technical assistants/managers to handle the hosting and other problems that require urgent attention.
8) How reliable is your host? It would be embarrassing to open your website to see stuff like bandwith exceeded!

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