Chief Emeka Ojukwu, a former governor of the old eastern region is dead. Ojukwu, who has been hospitalised for moths died on his hospital bed in London, where he has been receiving treatment. Ojukwu who holds the title of Ikemba of Nnewi, amongst other titles would be given a state burial in Anambra State with the support of other governors in Igbo land. 
 Gistmaster gathered the federal government is also expected to play a pivotal role in the burial of the late elder stateman who led the Biafra war.
 Ojukwu’s biography : Ojukwu was born in 1933 at Zugeru in the northern part of Nigeria to sir Louis Phillipe Ojukwu, one of Nigeria’s richest men at that time. He was a radical who hates discrimination and cheating. The young Ojukwu got into trouble in 1944 for assaulting one his teachers- a whitewoman who matreated a black woman. 
After secondary school, Ojuwku studied History in the United Kingdom. On his return, Gistmaster, gathered that Ojukwu joined the Nigerian Army against his father’s wish. He was one of the few graduates who enlisted in the army at that time. He rose to the position of governor eastern region (Controlling Igbo states).
 In 1967, he declared the eastern region a sovereign state , proclaiming that Igboland have secceded from Nigeria. He called it, Biafra Republic. This led to war between the federal forces and the Biafra Army. The war ended in 1970 with Ojukwu scampering abroad. He was later pardoned in durning the administration of Alhaji Sheu Shagari.

  He married his best friend’s daughter, former Miss Bianca Onoh. Despite the refusal of Chief C.C Onoh’s refusal to bless the wedding,Ojukwu and Bianca went on with thir love life. Ojuwku lost his friendship to Onoh while Bianca also lost her crown to the romance. The organizers of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria had to dethrown Bianca because of the controversies sorrouding her romance with the Ojukwu.

Regina Askia as the beauty queen immediately Bianca was dethroned.
-By Niyi Tabiti

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