KENNIS MUSIC, one of the country’s biggest record label company, has rolled out plans for the new year even as its helmsman, Kenny Ogungbe just got elevated to the position of the 24-member of the Board of Directors, DAAR Communications Plc. His appointment was endorsed at the multinational’s AGM held on Friday, December 30, 2011.
With his new position, Ogungbe, a prolific music presenter and entrepreneur, is now part of policy making of the media conglomerate which includes Africa Independent Television, AIT, AIT National, AIT International, Ray Power FM, Ray Power FM network and DAARSat. “I and other board of Directors are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the company brings dividend to its shareholders and a major task before us is to launch Ray Power in 22 cities before the end of June, this year to bring to 29, the cities where signals could be received,” Ogungbe said in an interview recently.
Kennis Music has also signed a strategic media partnership deal with rave of the moment media lobbying outfit, Media Image Managers, MIM. Thus, MIM would henceforth act as Kennis Music and its allied companies’ spokesman. Details of the deal are still sketchy but a source said the two brands would be collaborating on huge entertainment projects that would be mutually beneficial to all parties. The deal was signed at Kennis Music Magodo, Lagos office about a week ago. A short statement released on MIM website, and Facebook page, Media Image Managers, confirmed the partnership deal. “Media Image Managers, Kennis Music sign strategic partnership deal. The first for the two great brands,” the statement read.   
The record label company on its part according to Ogungbe has concluded plans to release the works of four of its artistes in the early part of the year. Valentine’s Day date has been set aside for capital F.E.M.I. Joe EL, Minjin and Nigeria Jagajaga exponent, Eadris Abdukarim will all follow suit. “F.E.M.I has done three singles before now but he has recorded 25 songs from which we will pick 15 for the new album. I just returned from Los Angeles where I went to do the mastering. Joe EL has recorded 10 songs already and they are all free style love songs, really a crazy innovation if you listened to them. Minjin’s album project has reached advanced stage so with Eadris Abdukarim who has a new album coming titled Nigeria My Country. His song dedicated to Boko Haram also titled Boko Haram is a sure hit. Eadris has always been a misunderstood social crusader, many people especially politicians misinterpreted his monster hit, Nigeria Jagajaga, but ask yourself, all what Eadris said in the song, has anything changed? Rather, things are getting worse. But with Nigeria My Country and Boko Haram song, Eadris has towed a new line of musical agitation,” Ogungbe said.
It has been quite a busy 2011 for artistes on the Kennis Music label as revealed by Ogungbe. “Eadris was touring with Glo, Kenny St Brown, KSB, aside the numerous shows she played also took time out to test her skills on the acting turf and she just returned from location in the UK. Essence and Jaywon are on tour of the UK and F.E.M.I and Goldie also have had a terrific year 2011. This year I believe would be busier for everyone as we have started early even when some of them have spilt over on their schedule from last year.”
Plans for this year’s Kennis Music Fiesta scheduled for April as usual are already in top gear. “While I won’t reveal some of the plans yet, but we want to assure Nigerians that we won’t as usual disappoint them as far as show organising is concerned because that is our life; we breathe, eat and drink music and entertainment everyday of our life and that is why we have remained number one all these years. We are music people and we don’t pretend to be anything else. Also, we give Nigerian and African artistes a platform to excel.”
 In the midst of all this, Kenny Ogungbe still has time to be on air Monday through Friday on Ray Power and OGBC while Kennis Music International is on Ray Power network, Tuesday through Saturday weekly. The schedule changes a bit on Inspiration FM as he dishes out entertainment to listeners of that station from Thursday through Saturday.
Kennis Music channel, a music and lifestyle channel which plays Afro centric and music of black origin, is on Startimes satellite TV.

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