From the cradle, Omobolanle Akinruntan,the beautiful daughter of  Oba
Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan,the Olugbo of Ugboland,Ondo, had everything
at her feet, courtesy her aristocratic background. However, like the
saying,’life is not a bed of roses’. Ironically, matrimony has not been
that   blissful for her. Years of marriage to Ayo Fanowopo, which
produced two children, Ayodele  Olayinka Fanawopo and Oluwademilade
Fanawopo, was like living in hell., was reliably
informed that her life, in the UK, where they both lived, with the
children,was full  of physical abuses and blackmail from the Ayo,who
later instituted a divorce proceedings.Unfortuntely for him, the custody
of the children were given  to Mobola, with only visitation
rights.Thereafter,he became more frustrated and dangerous, he stopped
catering for the welfare of the family,telling the court, he had no
job.In order to save herself from hardship, Mobola, had to relocate to
Nigeria with the children. Although,divorce they say is  not  honorable
to any woman,she could not withstand  living  with the pains of a
loveless marriage.So on getting to Nigeria,she also instituted a 
proceeding to dissolve the sour   marriage  at a Lagos Customary Court
in 2010.The crisis however,reached the zenith, on the morning of
February 2nd,2012,when the father of the children,
reportedly  snatched the children on their way to,pieced that, with efforts of her family,the
distraught, lady was able to secure the release of the children, from
the British High Commision,where Ayo, took them for deportation
.Subsequently,she has since gone underground in fear of reprisal from
bitter former partner.Through her lawyer,she has been able to contact
relevant Nigerian and British authorities over the matter.Her
statements,we gathered  threw a lot of putrid accusations,that might
nail Ayodeji Fanawopo.

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