ATLANTA, Georgia – GetAndis today announced
a strategic partnership with multi-
platinum selling hip hop artist Nas as the leading brand ambassador for Andis grooming
products in Africa. GetAndis will feature Nas as part of a multi-million dollar advertising
campaign, which will launch in over 51 countries in Africa.
The company says this alliance provides GetAndis the ability to market Andis range of
grooming products in a market that is considered amongst the fastest growing in the world with combined population of over 1 billion.
Rapper Nas, is not just a
music icon to millions of music lovers but also a fashion icon,
rapper that is always at the leading post of  the sleekest looks in music fashion had
this to say 
 “Being an international artist, I
do shows around the world and I need
to look and stay fresh at all times. My barber always uses Andis clippers, trimmers and
accessories to cut my hair in the U.S. When I’m on tour overseas, he’ll carry converters to convert from the U.S. voltage to the local voltage burning a lot of clippers and with the clippers making so much noise.
 Now with the Andis
Clippers available in international 220v, he just plugs and use. So whether we are
in Lagos, Nigeria or Cape Town, South Africa, or any where else around the world, he uses Andis clippers and trimmers to keep me looking fresh” stated Nas.
Andis range of grooming products includes Clippers, Trimmers, Blow Dryers and Flat Iron. Andis trimmers are recognized by professionals and individuals around the world
as the best trimmers for styling, trimming, sculpting and dry shaving that also prevents
razor bumps.
“Andis makes the best grooming products in the world and Nas is a top 5 MC in the
world. He also happens to maintain the freshest haircut in Hip-hop so there’s a natural fit. Beyond that, Nas has deep understanding of socio-economic issues in Africa and has consistently referenced these in his music so engaging him as part
of our marketing initiatives was really a no-brainer”
noted Saheed Ahmed, CEO for GetAndis.
Equipped with close-cutting stainless-steel T-Blades, these trimmers are perfect for trimming beards, mustaches, necklines, outlining and edging around ears.  With sleek,

   ergonomic design contoured to fit your hand, T-Blade with fine cutting teeth for

extremely close trimming and packed with a powerful magnetic motor that runs cool and quiet and a high quality carbon-steel blade that have been hardened for long cutting life,
Andis Trimmers are simply the best on the market.
The marketing
campaign also coincides with the recent strategic partnership between GetAndis
and Massmart, a leading retail giant in Africa and the parent company for GAME
Discount Stores to carry Andis products starting with the stores in Nigeria.
About GetAndis
GetAndis is a leading distributor of Andis products for the international market. With a global presence
and offices in North America and Africa, GetAndis goal is to effectively
communicate  the
 superiority  of  the
 brand  to
 consumers  around  the
GetAndis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cap9Media Inc, an Atlanta based corporation with interest in media and fast moving consumable goods (FMCG).
About Andis
Since 1922, Andis has produced the finest quality clippers and trimmers for the barber and beauty industry to assure the highest level of professional results. Manufacturing the majority of clippers made in the US, Andis also offers a complete line of quality clippers and  trimmers
 small  and
 animals-dogs,  horses,  cattle,
sheep. From heavy-duty motor clippers to lightweight adjustable blade models, cordless models to ear trimmers, quiet-operating Andis clippers handle the whole grooming job, head,
ears, and body. Professional
 groomers rely on the quality and design of Andis clippers, trimmers and blades.
Another market area that Andis has ventured into is consumer products, which includes home haircutting kits, hair dryers, and curling irons/brushes
 for use at home. For the
hotel and motel market, Andis manufactures
 wall mounted 
hair dryers. Today, Andis distributes its products all over the world. In Canada, Andis services the same market areas as in the USA. Andis’ personal care products for consumers can be purchased in
Africa,  Asia,  Australia,  Canada,
 America,  Europe,
 Middle  East,

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