It will be an unending hymn for the areafada as he clocks 61 on Tuesday as speculated by most of his fans. What is sure and certain is that CB’s birthday comes up every 19th June, but what is not certain is whether he is 61 considering his enigmatic personality.
However, one thing that is very true about this personality
is the existence of Charlyboy as a brand for the past 30 years with its core values of consistency, doggedness and tremendous focus.

In this excerpt, Charlyboy press Secretary, Adoyi Abah Ali briefly explores the evolution of a brand that has been considered by some Nigerians to be eccentric and weird. Adoyi has exposed that beyond the weirdness lies an embodiment of responsiveness, love, care, understanding, intelligence and creativity;

The Excerpt

 Speaking on his social activism, Adoyi had stated that “Charlyboy is a manifestation of love, as he had displayed in his fight for justice. He reiterated that all through his career, he had advocated for the rights of the ordinary Nigerian whose hope in the country is continuously washed away by the forceful wave of corruption and social injustice.  His fight for justice and fair play in the country has been renowned, even the late legal luminary; Chief Gani Fawhemi compared him to the Late Baba Fela because of how the former had always bent to the rank of the oppressed”. 

 He further asserted that history has it that when Charlyboy appeared on the entertainment business in 1981 a lot of people didn’t quite know what to make of him as he wore heavy makeup, had his hair weaved.  “At that time people were not too sure if he was male or female as he had the feminine mannerism to go with it” Adoyi Opined.

Adoyi had quoted Wole Soyinka’s book, Interventions, Cults (A people in Denial 2005) where he made a viable comment on the Charlyboy brand “Once, a new phenomenon, an unusual social entity, erupted on the cultural scene of this nation. This phenomenon which appeared in human form soon became known for its outlandish mode of dressings, for its body decorations, a love of motorbikes, a weird hair style, and generally weirder life-style. The establishment did not know what to make of him. He was so far out that no one even associated his name with that of a well-known judge whose name he bore, whose social circles he kept at arm’s length, preferring to establish a public persona in his own right. So strange was his persona that the most negative imaginings were rife about him. Gossip was unending and the media could not have enough of speculations regarding what he might do, in what manner, and for how long. You may have realized by now that I refer to none other than the maverick-Charly Boy Oputa”

According to Ali, Charlyboy has ones said  this about his personality brand  “ I have trilled Nigerians for decades with my attitude and life style, I created an image no one can ignore, am everything they think I am a bag of potato chips. This image was built to shock timid, myopic and backwards Nigerians out of their analogue way of thinking; you must have depth and intelligence to see me, because charlyboy is not just about my life style, my tattoos or piercings, it’s about my focus, tenacity, believe in self, my doggedness and my courage to live my life in the nude in the most conservative environment such as this, I no send”

According to him, while his stunts and showmanship of his image have always been in full glare for all to see, his sensitive nature, love life and deeply rooted family upbringing and values are not. “Have you ever looked beyond the flashy and superficial Charlyboy brand? “ Adoyi had asked.      

 Revealing further, Adoyi asserted that Charlyboy has for over three decades intrigued Nigerians, letting many people imagine more than is there. He has sure built a Brand and an image that precedes him, and people of now and in the next generation will continue to talk about the brand.

His cooperate life is not as popular as the razzmatazz and the several shows he puts up to intrigue his fans, and to provoke comments and thoughts. Quoting some of his staff, Adoyi said “He is not just a boss but an embodiment of love and direction to all of us. Working with him is the best thing that can happen to anybody. Most people tend to misunderstand the essence of the brand, but a very close proximity will clear the air of misunderstanding”.
 Speaking further, Adoyi said “Also very true is that behind the razzmatazz, the playfulness and infinite zest for the comic, lies a serious mien that is more often hidden from the public, as Mr Charles Oputa. He is a Designer, social commentator, social engineer, television producer, a union man, a husband married to the same woman for over 34years, a publisher, a father of eight children and ten grandchildren and more”
“If you have ever visited CB in his abode or in his corporate office, you will be shocked to meet a totally different personality that is often not brought to the pubic glare”
He further affirmed that “His intermediary role as a social activist for the past 30 years has made him a friend to the government at some points, and an enemy to the government at another point”
Meanwhile, the entire staff of new wave productions, a media firm owned by Charlyboy have sent their warm regards to their boss as he clocks 62. Some of the staff who spoke to our correspondent described Charlyboy as an agent of social transformation who has invested in their lives in the most admiring and positive  way.
Charlyboy clocks 61 tomorrow, even as he currently seeks to redress the recent gay and Illuminati story published about him by some national dailies who had allegedly claimed in their publications that he admitted being gay and Head of Illuminati in Nigeria.


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    Uhmn, Absurd and hilarious.


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