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Contract staff working with Promasidor in Nigeria yesterday protested what they described as delay in payment of their salaries.
 As a result of the protest, the management of Promasidor invited policemen to forestall a break down of law and order, which might lead to damages of the company properties. 
  Gistmaster gathered that two companies hire contract staff who work mostly in the production department for promasidor.One is known as Global Manpower while the other is called Sustainability.
  Those employed by Global Manpower have been paid their May salaries on the 23 May but those employed through Sustainability are yet to be paid. Sources hinted that the recent development is giving room to suspicions about politics in Promasidor, especially between the management of Sustainability and Global Manpower in a bid to out do one another in the business of staff sourcing.Sustainability is allegedly owned by

a former director of Promasidor and inside sources hinted that a serving top management staff of promisidor has major interest in Global Manpower.So effort is being made to push Sustainability off the scene.

  Another person who spoke with gistmaster on the issue said, some of the contract staff under sustainability have also received their own salaries. Those who used First Bank have been paid but those who are paid through GTBank have been turned back by the bank.
“The issue is that there is serious politics within the management fold. The protest is not just the slight delay in the june salary but also the rumour that the company might not be willing to sustain the contract of Sustainability.So those employed under it are scared that if the contract is not renewed they will also lose their jobs.
 A staff of the company who doesnt want his name mentioned,however told us that everything is in control.There is nothing like inside politics in the company.
  Promasidor Nigeria is a food and beverage company.Some it products include Cowbell Milk,Milksi,Loyal Milk.
 -By Niyi Tabiti

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