Good and regular marital sex can help you live a
longer and happier life. According to Dr Stella Eze, a gynaecologist
with a Lagosbased private hospital, MAY Hospital, Ilasa, good sex not
only promotes longevity but also keeps diseases such as the deadly
breast cancer away. In an interview with IMOH ESSIEN, Dr. Eze describes
sex, particularly between married couples as beautiful and specially
designed by God and nature to keep people in good shape all year round.
Here are some of the benefits of sex as listed by Dr. Eze:

 Sex can cure headaches
Some of the health benefits of sex are its ability to act as a pain
reliever. The hormone oxytocin (a nine amino acid peptide that is
synthesized in hypothalamic neurons and transported down axons of the
posterior pituitary
for secretion into blood) secretes within your body
whenever you engage in sexual activity. Because of this secretion,
endorphins (hormone-like chemicals that bear a close functional
resemblance to morphine) are released. When a person is aroused or
excited, oxytocin levels not only begin to increase, they are the reason
that orgasms come about. Studies have shown that a rise in oxytocin
levels can relieve pain; everything from headaches, cramps and overall
body aches can be diminished with a simple roll in the hay.

Sex reduces stress and aids sleep
recent survey revealed that people who have more sex reported that they
felt more at ease, happier and learned how to handle stress better.
After an orgasm, an intense wave of calm and relaxation overcomes humans
(that’s why men usually fall asleep) and it’s a time when people can
truly liberate themselves and let go. Plenty of people who enjoy a
regular dose of sex convey that they sleep much better during the night
and feel alive and refreshed throughout the day. So, one of the health
benefits of sex is a better night’s sleep, which allows you to handle
day-to-day stress much more efficiently.

Sex increases sufficient blood flow
goes without saying that when we get aroused our blood starts to pump
at a quicker rate and, thus, blood flow to our brain increases. Both an
increased heart rate and more blood pumping through the brain result in
better performance (in and out of the bedroom). What this ultimately
means is that the fresh supply of blood pumping through your body
provides the organs with a healthy dose of oxygen and rids the body of
old and wasteful products. So, another health benefit of sex is a
cleansed system. Treat your temple right with the help of a little

Regular marital sex improves Fountain of youth

Although the orgasm is sometimes referred to as the “little death,”
having at least two orgasms a week can increase your life span. Every
time you reach orgasm, the hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
increases in response to sexual excitement and ejaculation. DHEA can
boost your immune system, repair tissue, improve cognition, keep skin
healthy, and even work as an antidepressant. Therefore, a health benefit
of sex if you keep the orgasms coming is potentially a longer life.
It’s quite evident that there are many health benefits of sex. It
increases brain power, heart rate, it can help fend off diseases and
ailments, and it makes individuals feel good about themselves. In
today’s stressful society, it has become a little more difficult to
engage in intimate sexuality as often, but as long as you incessantly
make the effort, you’ll realize that it’s always worth it. The health
benefits of sex will make you feel wonderful within and without and you
will gradually notice that the more sex you have, the more bounce you
will have in each step. Happiness isn’t sex itself, but sex does
ultimately play a role in human happiness.

 Source: National Mirror Newspaper


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