Niyi Tabiti:One ‘small’ girl in my neighbourhood

Niyi Tabiti:One ‘small’ girl in my neighbourhood

 It wasnt long that i moved into this neighbourhood that i noticed her. She was always passing in front of my house.Trust me, my eyes doesnt rove that much but its good to appreaciate when you see good things of life.

  However, in this case there was no reason for me to even look because she was about 15 years!

What is this world turning into?Its so funny i noticed that anytime she sees me, she would suddenly start singing ‘Celine Dion’….’Every night in my dreams, i see you, i feel you…my heart will always go on…!
The other day, i was shocked when my friend’s daughter was looking at pictures on my laptop. She said ‘Uncle Niyi, i have a crush on Darey (pointing ar Darey Art Alade’s) picture!How old is this girl?…lol
 Technology is changing even the ways kids think and talk.Are you not amazed at the way children talk these days.
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