Tonto Dikeh’s Reality Show-Wanted

Tonto Dikeh’s Reality Show-Wanted

 Omotola Jolade Ekehinde,the actress and supermom of four children has berthed with her own brand of Reality Show. I guess everyone is excited.I am excited too.I want to watch the series.Will Omotola be able to open up as much as what the Kardashians are doing with their own brand of reality show? Did i hear you say “Far from it?”-Well you never can say. Click here to read Omotola’s daughter who wants to be a model here

But Omotola herself disclosed that she is somehow scared that a lot of things about her would be let out through the reality show. The Real me,her reality show will have
just 10 per cent of stuff with her husband.Well, we should ask the producers for more.Now the launch of the reality show took place. we are happy for star actress.
Now this is it! If you ask me i really want to watch a reality show by Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh. She is the craziest in the movie industry now and her content-good or bad-is always a hit.

Niyi Tabiti

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